Can diabetes go away? A scary new study shows it is getting worst

Can diabetes go away is becoming a popular question among those living in the United States and England, the question  stems from a boom in the numbers of people who are suffering from this illness. It is clear that the situation is getting worst not better; a new study from the United Kingdom shows us that high blood sugar is ravishing people under 40 in a horrible way; obesity is also linked to this crisis, it is important to know what to do to protect yourself from this very deadly illness.

Younger people losing the fight to dangerous blood sugar
It is clear from a new study in England that younger people are being slammed by obesity and high blood sugar in record numbers.  A study of GPs' records found the number of young people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes rose an unbelievable 600% over two decades. If this does not scare you it should, we have reported on this site about the incredible rise in high blood sugar and how the illness is taking lives. Can diabetes go away? It must if you are going to have a fight chance at life. Understand that excess glucose is a poison in the bloodstream and this is what is happening to diabetics, the glucose is supposed to go in the cells to create energy but it is not happening in person with high blood sugar, the glucose is flooding the bloodstream! It must be stated very plainly that excess glucose in the blood damages the organs of the body  and is causing early death, your body cannot fight  this excess amount of glucose for long, glucose is poisoning the whole body.

The deadly complications
National research charity Diabetes UK found that nearly twice as many people with diabetes died within the first five years of being diagnosed when compared to people without the condition.

High blood sugar is an extremely serious illness; it is affecting people similar to how A.I.D.S did in the 1980’s.  Paul Streets, chief executive of Diabetes UK, said:

"This research shows that diabetes is quite simply too deadly to ignore. The tragic thing is that so many of these deaths can be avoided. Diabetes can lead to life-threatening complications like heart disease, kidney disease and strokes”
"If people are diagnosed sooner, receive proper treatment and are taught how to manage their condition better, many of these complications can be prevented and lives saved."

Can diabetes go away? This illness is a lifestyle illness that can be reversed with a very specialized diet; there is no need for drugs. We have shown people in over 17 countries how to reverse this illness without drugs, this has been proven

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