Diet soda loses but you win!

Pepsi cola announced last week that it would start removing the fake sweetener aspartame from its diet sodas. This is no small victory for the people; Spirit Happy Diet has been pushing for the removal of all artificial sweeteners for over 6 years. In the 1980’s the diet soda makers discovered that using the word “diet” in their sodas would convince people that the beverage was a healthy choice, it worked. People started buying diet soda but were not aware that the aspartame in diet soda is very dangerous.

Pepsi loses you win

Pepsi announced last week that they will bow to the public and start producing diet soda without aspartame.  The fake sweetener aspartame is linked to cancer, mental confusion, soda addiction, weight gain, brain damage and more. Almost every diet drink today uses aspartame, because it is a cheap sugar substitute.

Why the change?

 Why did Pepsi decide to drop the aspartame? Do not believe for a second that this was done because they care about the consumer. This was done because the people were finally wakening to the fact that diet drinks are dangerous. Pepsi has been experiencing a tremendous loss of revenue from their diet sodas. As the public became more aware of diet drink dangers, they turned away from fake sugars and returned to real sugar. 6 years ago Spirit Happy diet reported on the dangerous of diet drinks, the food makers called us alarmists; they did not want their profits disturbed. It took a long time but the soda maker finally got the message.  

Pepsi has made literally billions of dollars from diet soda because the public has come to believe real sugar is bad.

It most be made clear that sugar in moderation, is better than any artificial sweetener.  Avoid all artificial sweeteners; they are…“Artificial”

The only bad news in this story is the fact that Pepsi will replace aspartame in their diet drinks with splenda.

Splenda is not safe! It causes weight gain not weight loss! Splenda is terrible for diabetics. We will report more on this in a future post.

How much they profited from diet poison soda

Diet soda's share of consumption rose from 26% to 31% between 1990 and 2010, according to Beverage Marketing Corp., even as many consumers complained about the taste.

Pepsi Co brought in $$$12 billion dollars in soda sales in 2011!

Since 2012 diet soda sales have been dropping fast

The Big Drop in sales

CBS News reported on the huge drop in revenue from diet soda 

Over the past year(2012), sales of non-diet sodas have declined 2.2 percent, while diet sodas have declined 6.8 percent.

Pepsi wants their $$$billions of dollars in profit from you so they are going to advertise "New diet Pepsi without aspartame!" 

For those who want to be thinner, how to lose weight was revealed by the Swedish for less than 20 dollars. The exact combinations of certain foods cause stunning weigh loss. This is the only diet you will ever need.  

For those with type 2 diabetes, the Spirit Happy Diet is still the number one natural diabetes reversal diet; it is used in 17 countries. This produces a normal blood sugar without the need for medications.

Be natural; let your food be your medicine.

Which Diet Pills work the fastest? A Deadly warning


Which diet pill works the best and fastest is a question that we receive ever so often on this site. We have made it clear over the last 7 years that there are no safe pills when it comes to losing weight. Weight loss pills are not safe and this week the message came thorough once again, as a young woman lost her life. The death of this young woman from England highlights once again the fact that there are no safe fat loss pills. Which diet pill works the fastest? The pain truth is that If you are not careful they can take your life. 


5 year ago we reported on a number of diet pills which were linked to heart attacks and stroke. Pills to lose weight do a very un-natural thing; they try to work by speeded up the metabolism. The heart is very susceptible to damage when the metabolism is artificial increased, but many young men and women who are frustrated with the lack of success of losing weight turn to pills. The consequences can be deadly.


Which diet pill works the fastest? There are no diet pills that work, they are all a waste of time.


The West Mercia Police Department in western England issued a warning this week after E. Parry, 21, passed away on April 12, shortly after she took pills she had bought to lose weight, according to police.

"We are undoubtedly concerned over the origin and sale of these pills and are working with partner agencies to establish where they were bought from and how they were advertised," Chief Inspector Jennifer Mattinson said in a statement.


Sadly a 21 year old woman is dead simply trying to get thinner.  



Readers of this website know that there is no need for anyone to takes pills to lose weight; the Swedish have revealed that good fats are the secret to a thin body. When used in a very specific diet, the right combination of foods causes stunning weight loss. This is all that is needed to lose weight. No diet pills!


Those who have type diabetes know that the Spirit Happy Diet causes diabetic to obtain a normal blood sugar level without the need for dangerous diabetic drugs.  There are no safe diabetes drugs; they all result in very serious side effects. Thousands of heart attacks are linked to diabetic medications. Which diet pill works the fastest? Avoid all of them; it is not worth risking a painful heart attack or loss of life!


For those seeking to lose weight, the Swedish diet is all you need, simply combine the right foods together and you will be thin. See here How thousands of women lost weight for a wedding by combining foods, now used in over 10 countries




For those with type 2 diabetes, you can obtain a normal blood sugar without resorting to dangerous diabetes medications.  For 7 years only one diet is used in over 17 countries to get a normal blood sugar naturally.







Diabetes Lose Weight Drugs Death

Diabetes is a very dangerous illness; there is no other disease which destroys the cells of the body as high blood sugar. Often those seeking to lose weight or obtain a normal blood sugar level are prescribed dangerous medications by their doctor. Spirit Happy Diet has been warning about the dangers of diabetes medications for over 7 years; to lose weight or get a normal blood sugar is possible without the use of dangerous prescription medications.

Another drug causing loss of life

In 2009, we warned of the dangers of the diabetic medication called Avandia, the makers Glaxo Smith Kline assured diabetics that their drug was safe, but this was far from the case. Over 100,000 heart attacks and numerous of deaths were linked to the diabetic medication. The medication was banned.

In 2010, we made it clear that another diabetic drug “Actos” was in the same class as Avandia and subjected users to the same risk, this was later confirmed by researchers. Actos is also linked with very painful bladder cancer.

How to lose weight

Many people seeking to lose weight are put on these dangerous diabetic medications, we have shown people how the Swedish easily lose 10, 20 or even 80 pounds by combining the right foods, and no medications are needed. 

Last week the diabetic community was a buzz as the FDA links another diabetes medication to increased death risk of death!  The diabetes medication Onglyza is the latest diabetes medication to harm the diabetic.

Food and Drug Administration staff said their analysis of deaths in the trial suggested patients using Onglyza experienced “significant or near-significant” increases in death from all causes, not just heart problems

Why are you on drugs?

The most astonishing fact about type 2 diabetes is the fact that 90% of people need no drugs to reverse the condition! Doctors are in the business to get you in and out of the office as soon as possible. They are not trained in nutritional healing, they medicate.

If you go in to doctors with high blood sugar, they give you drugs and send you out.

Drug free for over 7 years

You reverse high blood sugar with a healing diet, not a sugar free diet. All diet foods and diet sodas are a waste of time; they do not heal the body.

There are no safe diabetes drugs, no one

You have 2 options

1. The Spirit Happy Diet has helped people get a normal blood sugar without drugs for over 7 years. It is used in 17 countries. See here Type 2 reverse Diabetes Diet produces a normal blood sugar in 17 countries

2. To lose weight the Swedish Thin Diet causes the fastest and most natural weight loss by simply combining certain foods. There is No nonsense, such as counting points or buying special foods.

Spirit Happy Recipe: Top of the list

The Spirit Happy diet recipe most people inquire about is the blueberry shake. What is it about this particular menu item that garners so must positive results in regards to weight loss and diabetes? In addition to being delicious, the shake can do great things for your body. In this post we are going to address the reason why this particular recipe from Spirit Happy diet is a favorite that gets wonderful results.

First off, there is no other diet that has ever been shown to reverse high blood sugar the way Spirit Happy does, for over 7 years this is still the number one diet to get a normal blood sugar level naturally. As for weight loss, what gets results for people with type 2 diabetes will often create a thinner body in people who do not have high blood sugar.

The key to a healthier body is healing, and this is why our shake recipe works so well.

Whether you are simply trying to lose weight or get a normal blood sugar, the key to success is healing the body. You must put your body in a condition where excess fat will easily come off.  We are going to break down how the blueberry shake works for diabetes or weight loss.

Start with blueberries

Blueberries are a weight loss wonder; it is amazing that so many commercial diets with smiling celebrities have no clue to the power of blueberries. Our thousands of readers in 17 counutries are aware of how this works but we will review this in this post.

Blueberries are one of the few foods which actually cause a targeted weight loss in the belly. Belly fat can be reduced when blueberries are consumed.

A study for the University of Michigan revealed that a serving of blueberries has compounds which can literally affect abdominal fat. The study shows that blueberries can actually cause a spot reduction of stomach fat.

"Some measurements (belly fat) were changed by blueberry even if the subjects were on a high-fat diet," researcher E. Mitchell Seymour, MS, of the University of Michigan’s Cardio protection Research Laboratory, was quoted as saying.

One of the amazing things about the blueberries was how it caused a reduction in body fat even when subjects were fed a high fat diet.

The Spirit Happy Diet recipe utilizes blueberries with whole milk; full fat dairy has compounds which lower body fat better than skim milk.  

We add half a mango because mangoes were shown to reduce body fat while producing a normal blood sugar.

The Spirit Happy recipe for the best tasting shake

½ a cup of Blueberries

½ a mango

1 cup of milk

2 teaspoons of real sugar (or honey or raw sugar)

Our readers love this shake!

You have 2 choices

If you are seeking to reverse diabetes get the Spirit Happy diabetes diet


If need to lose weight loss, get the Swedish Thin diet


These are the only 2 diets you will ever need! 

How to be thin forever

The secret as to how to be thin forever is revealed when we look to science. The correct combinations of the right foods cause a synergy affect leading to much less body fat. As the New Year begins there are millions of people who will be dieting and exercising but the fact of the matter is that exercising does not reduce body fat, this is scientifically proven. When seeking how to be thin the answer resides in combining the right foods together.


The myth of exercise and being thin


University researchers have revealed what most of us already know; exercise does not make you thinner; while exercising may improve heart and lung function it will not cause you to lose body fat.


"It's simple maths," says Professor Paul Gately, of the Carnegie Weight Management institution in England "If you want to lose a pound of body fat, then that requires you to run from Leeds to Nottingham (70 miles!!), but if you want to do it through diet, you just have to skip a meal for seven days."  In other words, you would have to run 3 marathons to lose 1 pound of fat.


The question of how to be thin is answered with combining foods in the diet, this is the ultimate key. When the right foods are combined the fat comes right off the body.


Yogurt is a super weight loss food according to science, but when combined with berries the weight loss is doubled, this is one secret to the Swedish weight loss diet.  90% of people using yogurt are using it the wrong way, they are eating low fat yogurts which does not reduce body fat…whole fat yogurt is what burns body fat!


Swedish researchers published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, men who consumed high-fat milk, butter and cream were significantly less likely to become obese then men who never or rarely ate high-fat dairy.  A second study this year published in the European Journal of Nutrition showed that full fat yogurt and milk lead to reduced body fat compared to fat dairy (yogurt and milk).   


Super recipe


Buy whole fat yogurt and add your own sugar (store bought yogurt is low fat-and they add aspartame (fake sugars)


  1. Store bought full fat plain yogurt(unsweetened)
  2.  Strawberries
  3. Add your own sugar


Strawberries reverse obesity’s inflammation affect, this lower body fat and when combined with yogurt the affect is doubled!

How to be thin? Combine the right foods and the fat must go, this is what works in Scandinavia (Sweden). Those interested in really losing body fat can see the full diet plan
How thousands of women lost weight for a wedding by combining foods, now used in over 10 countries









Diabetes and fruit…a great combination

Diabetes and fruit can be a fantastic combination; unfortunately there is so much misinformation about high blood sugar, many diabetics are simply confused about how to eat. Food is a wonderful medicine when used in the correct way; it is the specific combinations of the right food which reverse illness. Diabetes and fruit, this subject has left many people perplexed about their relationship.

Whole fruit as a powerful weapon against high blood sugar

People are so confused about sugar, this confusion makes treating high blood sugar difficult; the plain fact of the matter is that whole fruits can actually produce a normal blood sugar. Mango is one fruit which has been recently studied in treating high blood sugar; research shows that the fruit has an amazing ability to produce a normal blood sugar in diabetics.  

In addition to producing a normal blood sugar mango has the ability to lower body fat.  

One study from Oklahoma State University revealed the amazing benefits of mango fruit on diabetes and reduction of body fat, 12 weeks of daily mango causes significant body fat loss as well as normalized blood sugar.  The researchers admit they don’t know why the fruit works so well!

* Note: Fruit juice does not help diabetes ONLY whole fruit; it is the exact combination of specific food which reverses diabetes.

"We believe this research suggests that mangos may give obese individuals a dietary option in helping them maintains or lower their blood sugar. However, the precise component and mechanism has yet to be found and further clinical trials are necessary, particularly in those that have problems with sugar control, such as diabetics, are necessary," lead author of the study, Dr Edralin Lucas, associate professor of nutritional sciences at Oklahoma State University, College of Human Sciences

Read between the lines

1. When they say “we don’t know the mechanism by which the fruit works”, what they are actually looking for a way to produce a drug from the mango compound.

2. When they state further research will be needed, it means you will never hear about mango for diabetes again, why? The drug companies need you on drugs not fruit; this is how they make billions in profit.

Do you know any diabetics getting daily mango? Have you heard of the way fruit heals the body accept on Spirit Happy Diet?  Most people need no drugs to reverse type 2 diabetes, but this information will not reach 90% of those who have high blood sugar.

* Note: Fruit juice does not help diabetes ONLY whole fruit; it is the exact combination of specific food which reverses diabetes. Example of whole fruit mango smoothie below

The key to reversing diabetes is with a healing diet NOT a sugar free diet; this is what most diabetic will never discover. The drug companies want you on their drugs for life; the side effects of these medications include heart failure and cancer.


Can a diabetic eat fruit? See a Surprising answer

Many are wondering can a diabetic eat fruit and in this post we will explore many of the misconceptions and lack of facts surrounding this illness. With more and more people living with this very serious illness it is crucial that people learn scientific what science research says about not only lowering blood sugar but also reversing type 2 diabetes. Can a diabetic eat fruit is a great question and this post should help resolve the question.

It is important to know that diabetes is an inflammatory condition, inflammation from our modern day food supply is helping to spread the high blood sugar epidemic; sadly most high blood sugar diets do nothing to address the root cause of the illness which is the inflammatory condition. Fruits are wonderful and health but many believe that the sugar in the fruit must be bad but what does science research really say about this?

According to a study, published in the British Medical Journal, Harvard University's top researchers found that certain fruits actually normalized blood sugar in diabetics! people who ate fruits at least three times a week had a 2 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those who ate less fruits. Now as good as this sounds you can actually take this healing much further and actually reverse type 2 diabetes. Can a diabetic eat fruit? Diabetes is a inflammation disease, it is an inflammatory condition but few diets can treat the root cause inflammatory condition. The research is clear that much can be done to halt this inflammation condition called “high blood sugar”

Which fruits are best?

According to research presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Obese adults who ate about half a mango a day for 12 weeks saw a significant reduction in blood sugar levels

What is the secret? Certain food have the power to stop the inflammatory condition called high blood sugar but most of the foods today are actually spreading type 2 diabetes, the food manufacture's highly processed food chemicals are making it almost impossible to stop the spread of diabetes.

The weak diabetes diets on the market today do nothing to blunt this inflammatory condition, it may be an amazing what a little mango can do but you can take this much further. Very few diabetes can actually stop the illness but we did show people how to do it.

The Spirit happy Diet site is the number one natural diabetes site in the world, it is now read in over 17 countries, because we showed thousands the root cause of diabetes and how to reverse the illness without the dangerous drugs of the diabetes drug makers. You should now know the answer to the question “can a diabetic eat fruit” but why not take it all the way and stop type 2 diabetes drug free.