How to be thin forever

The secret as to how to be thin forever is revealed when we look to science. The correct combinations of the right foods cause a synergy affect leading to much less body fat. As the New Year begins there are millions of people who will be dieting and exercising but the fact of the matter is that exercising does not reduce body fat, this is scientifically proven. When seeking how to be thin the answer resides in combining the right foods together.


The myth of exercise and being thin


University researchers have revealed what most of us already know; exercise does not make you thinner; while exercising may improve heart and lung function it will not cause you to lose body fat.


"It's simple maths," says Professor Paul Gately, of the Carnegie Weight Management institution in England "If you want to lose a pound of body fat, then that requires you to run from Leeds to Nottingham (70 miles!!), but if you want to do it through diet, you just have to skip a meal for seven days."  In other words, you would have to run 3 marathons to lose 1 pound of fat.


The question of how to be thin is answered with combining foods in the diet, this is the ultimate key. When the right foods are combined the fat comes right off the body.


Yogurt is a super weight loss food according to science, but when combined with berries the weight loss is doubled, this is one secret to the Swedish weight loss diet.  90% of people using yogurt are using it the wrong way, they are eating low fat yogurts which does not reduce body fat…whole fat yogurt is what burns body fat!


Swedish researchers published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, men who consumed high-fat milk, butter and cream were significantly less likely to become obese then men who never or rarely ate high-fat dairy.  A second study this year published in the European Journal of Nutrition showed that full fat yogurt and milk lead to reduced body fat compared to fat dairy (yogurt and milk).   


Super recipe


Buy whole fat yogurt and add your own sugar (store bought yogurt is low fat-and they add aspartame (fake sugars)


  1. Store bought full fat plain yogurt(unsweetened)
  2.  Strawberries
  3. Add your own sugar


Strawberries reverse obesity’s inflammation affect, this lower body fat and when combined with yogurt the affect is doubled!

How to be thin? Combine the right foods and the fat must go, this is what works in Scandinavia (Sweden). Those interested in really losing body fat can see the full diet plan
How thousands of women lost weight for a wedding by combining foods, now used in over 10 countries









Diabetes and fruit…a great combination

Diabetes and fruit can be a fantastic combination; unfortunately there is so much misinformation about high blood sugar, many diabetics are simply confused about how to eat. Food is a wonderful medicine when used in the correct way; it is the specific combinations of the right food which reverse illness. Diabetes and fruit, this subject has left many people perplexed about their relationship.

Whole fruit as a powerful weapon against high blood sugar

People are so confused about sugar, this confusion makes treating high blood sugar difficult; the plain fact of the matter is that whole fruits can actually produce a normal blood sugar. Mango is one fruit which has been recently studied in treating high blood sugar; research shows that the fruit has an amazing ability to produce a normal blood sugar in diabetics.  

In addition to producing a normal blood sugar mango has the ability to lower body fat.  

One study from Oklahoma State University revealed the amazing benefits of mango fruit on diabetes and reduction of body fat, 12 weeks of daily mango causes significant body fat loss as well as normalized blood sugar.  The researchers admit they don’t know why the fruit works so well!

* Note: Fruit juice does not help diabetes ONLY whole fruit; it is the exact combination of specific food which reverses diabetes.

"We believe this research suggests that mangos may give obese individuals a dietary option in helping them maintains or lower their blood sugar. However, the precise component and mechanism has yet to be found and further clinical trials are necessary, particularly in those that have problems with sugar control, such as diabetics, are necessary," lead author of the study, Dr Edralin Lucas, associate professor of nutritional sciences at Oklahoma State University, College of Human Sciences

Read between the lines

1. When they say “we don’t know the mechanism by which the fruit works”, what they are actually looking for a way to produce a drug from the mango compound.

2. When they state further research will be needed, it means you will never hear about mango for diabetes again, why? The drug companies need you on drugs not fruit; this is how they make billions in profit.

Do you know any diabetics getting daily mango? Have you heard of the way fruit heals the body accept on Spirit Happy Diet?  Most people need no drugs to reverse type 2 diabetes, but this information will not reach 90% of those who have high blood sugar.

* Note: Fruit juice does not help diabetes ONLY whole fruit; it is the exact combination of specific food which reverses diabetes. Example of whole fruit mango smoothie below

The key to reversing diabetes is with a healing diet NOT a sugar free diet; this is what most diabetic will never discover. The drug companies want you on their drugs for life; the side effects of these medications include heart failure and cancer.


Can a diabetic eat fruit? See a Surprising answer

Many are wondering can a diabetic eat fruit and in this post we will explore many of the misconceptions and lack of facts surrounding this illness. With more and more people living with this very serious illness it is crucial that people learn scientific what science research says about not only lowering blood sugar but also reversing type 2 diabetes. Can a diabetic eat fruit is a great question and this post should help resolve the question.

It is important to know that diabetes is an inflammatory condition, inflammation from our modern day food supply is helping to spread the high blood sugar epidemic; sadly most high blood sugar diets do nothing to address the root cause of the illness which is the inflammatory condition. Fruits are wonderful and health but many believe that the sugar in the fruit must be bad but what does science research really say about this?

According to a study, published in the British Medical Journal, Harvard University's top researchers found that certain fruits actually normalized blood sugar in diabetics! people who ate fruits at least three times a week had a 2 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those who ate less fruits. Now as good as this sounds you can actually take this healing much further and actually reverse type 2 diabetes. Can a diabetic eat fruit? Diabetes is a inflammation disease, it is an inflammatory condition but few diets can treat the root cause inflammatory condition. The research is clear that much can be done to halt this inflammation condition called “high blood sugar”

Which fruits are best?

According to research presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Obese adults who ate about half a mango a day for 12 weeks saw a significant reduction in blood sugar levels

What is the secret? Certain food have the power to stop the inflammatory condition called high blood sugar but most of the foods today are actually spreading type 2 diabetes, the food manufacture's highly processed food chemicals are making it almost impossible to stop the spread of diabetes.

The weak diabetes diets on the market today do nothing to blunt this inflammatory condition, it may be an amazing what a little mango can do but you can take this much further. Very few diabetes can actually stop the illness but we did show people how to do it.

The Spirit happy Diet site is the number one natural diabetes site in the world, it is now read in over 17 countries, because we showed thousands the root cause of diabetes and how to reverse the illness without the dangerous drugs of the diabetes drug makers. You should now know the answer to the question “can a diabetic eat fruit” but why not take it all the way and stop type 2 diabetes drug free.

The risks of weight loss surgery and more drugs

Many who are living with diabetes are considering whether the risks of weight loss surgery is worth the benefits, according to published studies there is a risk of loss of life for those who opt for having this procedure. In this post we will reveals what so many people are not aware of, the very serious complications that are related to the gastric bypass operation. Gastric bypass surgeries can cause loss of life, the risks of weight loss surgery is very dangerous; we will discuss the risk as well the numerous of drugs many need after the operation.

Gastric bypass what is it really?

The procedure is actually a combination operation.

First the stomach is stapled to make it smaller. Sadly most of the stomach and part of the intestines are bypassed by attaching (usually stapling) a part of the intestine to the small stomach.

The end result is that a patient cannot eat as much and but sadly they absorb fewer nutrients. This can be a long and life changing operation, many people never feel the same again. Despite numerous deaths in the United States doctors are still pimping this operation over lifestyle changes, in England Elizabeth Waliczek and her mother Julia Gibbs both decided to opt for the weight loss surgery despite the risks, the end result was death to the Mother and a wheelchair for the daughter.

Elizabeth told the SunUk (a British Newspaper ): “I’m devastated. My mum and I dreamed of being skinny and would talk about all the things we’d do together once we lost the weight.
I can’t believe that trying to lose weight and become healthy ended up killing her.”

Elizabeth continued:
“I’m the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. I walked four miles a day before the surgery — now I can’t walk unaided. I have numb feet and problems with my fingers that mean I’m unable to grasp things, so I drop them. I only ever leave the house to go to the doctor’s or the hospital and rely on my partner to care for me.” She continues: “My husband does everything for me now. I’d be lost without him.

This is not an isolated case, in Boston,Mass 4 patients recently died after having very serious complications from the operation, the Massachusetts doctor is fighting to get his license reinstated. The young women in England is now on over 200 prescriptions per month There is no need for weight loss surgeries to lose weight, addressing the inflammation from our modern day foods is the key to rapid and healthy weight loss.

Addressing inflammation is the key to our obesity crisis today

Recent scientific studies confirm that obesity is an inflammation related illness, the addressing of inflammation is the key to all weight loss but very few diets can reverse inflammation related weight gain. If you have a hard time losing weight it is due to inflammation not lack of will power; help for obesity is rooted in reversing the inflammatory condition.

The prestige Harvard University revealed what so few dieters know, it is inflammation that causes weight gain.

Departments of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

The discovery that obesity itself results in an inflammatory state in metabolic tissues ushered in a research field that examines the inflammatory mechanisms in obesity. Here, we summarize the unique features of this metabolic inflammatory state, termed metaflammation and defined as low-grade, chronic inflammation orchestrated by metabolic cells in response to excess nutrients and energy.

Revering inflammation from our modern day processed foods causes a loss of body fat naturally, we have proved this in 17 countries; obesity is an inflammatory illness but most diets do not address inflammation. Most diets do not address inflammation.

What works

When researchers used a diabetic styled diet on people with or without diabetes they all lost fat fast and naturally. A diabetic styled diet (not a sugar free diet) caused a reversal of inflammation causing obesity by addressing the inflammation from our modern day processed foods. , this is what most diets cannot and do not do. There is no need to gamble with the risks of dangerous gastric bypass weight loss surgery. A diabetic styled diet is safe and natural and repairs the body from processed food chemicals causing rapid fat loss, no surgeries required, this has been used in 17 countries

What to eat for breakfast with diabetes

I have diabetes what should I eat for breakfast? This is a very common question for people who are seeking to keep their blood sugar level normal. Eating the wrong food can cause a diabetic to see a dramatic increase in their blood glucose level and this can lead to serious health complications. It is important to learn how and what to eat for breakfast when you have diabetes, skipping the morning meal can cause deep trouble.

The first meal is extremely important

A recent study highlights how important it is for a diabetic to have a morning meal, often people are not very hungry in the morning and will skip the early meal but this can be a big mistake. According to the University of Minnesota eating a morning meal — even among people whose dietary habits are not all that nutritional — is associated with a lower rate of obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 high blood sugar, and other metabolic health problems. This study follows an earlier study which came to the same conclusion, if you have diabetes you should eat breakfast.

The study was led by the U School of Public Health’s Dr. Andrew O. Odegaard, from the division of Epidemiology and Community Health

There are many who live with high blood sugar and skip the early meal, often the diabetic believes they are doing something good by bypassing the first meal but studies are showing that this is simply not true. It is important to learn how to reverse this illness , type 2 high blood sugar can be reversed without any medications.

Dr Odegaard stated “We examined and compared a range of breakfast frequencies with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other metabolic conditions over 18 years,” Odegaard said. “Eating a daily breakfast is a dietary habit that may be highly relevant for a person’s metabolic health.”

Why not reverse high blood sugar naturally like people have done in over 17 countries, when you learn what is really causing high blood sugar you can attack this illness and reverse it without drugs.

What can help me lose weight? Stop the diet soda

What can help me lose weight is a common question we get from the thousand of people who read this site and we make it clear that you must avoid diet soda. The public is finally waking up to the dangers of diet soda and this will start to eat into the profits of the larger soda companies, Coca cola has put out an ad defending the use of the chemical aspartame(used to make fake sugars). Those wondering what can help them lose weight should know that diet soda is not good for me or you.

Coke goes on the offensive

Diet drinks are a billion dollar business, Coke profited over 1.2 billion dollars last year on diet drinks, the dark side of these drinks are that they are linked to cancer, diabetes and weight gain. The fact that diet soda is addictive and causes weight gain has been sited in many University studies. One large study found that people who drank artificially sweetened soda were more likely to experience weight gain than those who drank non-diet soda. Others found those who drank diet soda had twice the risk of developing diabetes and obesity. Purdue University showed that diet soda was directly linked to weight gain and diabetes, the chemical aspartame has created billions for the soda makers but sickness for the people. The thousands of people who read this site and ask “what can help me lose weight?” are informed of the dangerous of fake sweeteners. Fake sweeteners make you fat.

Why dieting does not work

Dieting is a failure for most people today despite the thousands of diets on the market. The reason for the failure of dieting today is due to the fact that most people are not overweight from stuffing their faces all day, people cannot lose weight today because the food is highly processed with food chemicals which cause inflammatory weight gain.

Inflammation is the cause of ADHD,Diabetes and our weight gain. If you have a hard time losing weight today it is due to inflammation, this is backed by 100's of studies. The Departments of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health reported on the direct link between obesity and inflammation. The food today is made to profit billions of dollars but you will stay fat.

The diabetic style diet caused people with or without diabetes who had an inability to drop the excessive fat to experience fast and natural loss of fat. There is no other permanent and natural loss of body weight than by reversing inflammation which is caused by our modern food chemicals, this is how obese people lose weight. What can help me lose weight?

Why more people are giving up trying to lose weight, What to do about it

“ I am giving up trying to lose weight, I have tried so many diets and nothing is really working” This is part of a letter that we received from a reader in the United States, in this post we will explain scientifically why dieting will fail most people. Much of the United States has an obesity problem, what is even more troubling are the numbers of people who have tried dieting but are still not losing the body fat. Giving up the quest to lose weight is how millions of people feel when dieting produces little success.

The worldwide dilemma of getting fatter

Despite the countless numbers of television commercial and diet plans, studies show that obesity is rapidly increasing not only in the USA but worldwide; Australia is suffering from increasing obesity. As reported in the New York Times, obesity rates in Australia has tripled in the last three decades, mirroring the sharp rise that occurred in the United States during roughly the same period. In Australia, at least 60 percent of adults and roughly a quarter of children are overweight or obese. According to research by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, one out of two people in nearly half of all developed countries is overweight or obese. People are trying to lose weight but many are giving up after frequent failed attempts to drop excess body weight.

Why you cannot drop the weight

The reason dieting does not work for millions can be explained scientifically, it is crucial to see how the food today causes the body to hold fat. Over 80 percent of all diets fail and this is due to inflammation. It is worldwide Inflammation that is causes of our ADHD, Diabetes,weight gain and eczema increases today; over 100 million people in the United States suffers from inflammation related obesity and belly fat. It is not uncommon to see thin people who still carrying belly fat, this is due to inflammation. Losing weight today is much different than 40 years, the food today is highly processed and causes the body to hold fat, this is backed by solid science studies.

Inflammation and Fat in the body

According to Department of Social Medicine, School of Medicine, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, it is in fact inflammation why dieting does not work, the conclusion from their study was that “inflammatory mediators are strongly associated with obesity syndrome”
Researchers have know for over 40 years that a diabetic style diet causes weight loss in people with or weight out diabetes. We have shown thousands of people how a diabetic sty;le diet causes fat losss in people with or weight out diabetes. Thousands of people who reversed their inflammation from processed foods lost body fat and this is proof that addressing inflammation from our modern processed foods today causes weight loss.

Those who are thinking about giving up trying to lose weight should know dropping fat does not come from celebrities but from science. Reverse the inflammation that our polluted and processed foods create today and the body fat is dropped.