Which Diet Pills work the fastest? A Deadly warning


Which diet pill works the best and fastest is a question that we receive ever so often on this site. We have made it clear over the last 7 years that there are no safe pills when it comes to losing weight. Weight loss pills are not safe and this week the message came thorough once again, as a young woman lost her life. The death of this young woman from England highlights once again the fact that there are no safe fat loss pills. Which diet pill works the fastest? The pain truth is that If you are not careful they can take your life. 


5 year ago we reported on a number of diet pills which were linked to heart attacks and stroke. Pills to lose weight do a very un-natural thing; they try to work by speeded up the metabolism. The heart is very susceptible to damage when the metabolism is artificial increased, but many young men and women who are frustrated with the lack of success of losing weight turn to pills. The consequences can be deadly.


Which diet pill works the fastest? There are no diet pills that work, they are all a waste of time.


The West Mercia Police Department in western England issued a warning this week after E. Parry, 21, passed away on April 12, shortly after she took pills she had bought to lose weight, according to police.

"We are undoubtedly concerned over the origin and sale of these pills and are working with partner agencies to establish where they were bought from and how they were advertised," Chief Inspector Jennifer Mattinson said in a statement.


Sadly a 21 year old woman is dead simply trying to get thinner.  



Readers of this website know that there is no need for anyone to takes pills to lose weight; the Swedish have revealed that good fats are the secret to a thin body. When used in a very specific diet, the right combination of foods causes stunning weight loss. This is all that is needed to lose weight. No diet pills!


Those who have type diabetes know that the Spirit Happy Diet causes diabetic to obtain a normal blood sugar level without the need for dangerous diabetic drugs.  There are no safe diabetes drugs; they all result in very serious side effects. Thousands of heart attacks are linked to diabetic medications. Which diet pill works the fastest? Avoid all of them; it is not worth risking a painful heart attack or loss of life!


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