Diet soda loses but you win!

Pepsi cola announced last week that it would start removing the fake sweetener aspartame from its diet sodas. This is no small victory for the people; Spirit Happy Diet has been pushing for the removal of all artificial sweeteners for over 6 years. In the 1980’s the diet soda makers discovered that using the word “diet” in their sodas would convince people that the beverage was a healthy choice, it worked. People started buying diet soda but were not aware that the aspartame in diet soda is very dangerous.

Pepsi loses you win

Pepsi announced last week that they will bow to the public and start producing diet soda without aspartame.  The fake sweetener aspartame is linked to cancer, mental confusion, soda addiction, weight gain, brain damage and more. Almost every diet drink today uses aspartame, because it is a cheap sugar substitute.

Why the change?

 Why did Pepsi decide to drop the aspartame? Do not believe for a second that this was done because they care about the consumer. This was done because the people were finally wakening to the fact that diet drinks are dangerous. Pepsi has been experiencing a tremendous loss of revenue from their diet sodas. As the public became more aware of diet drink dangers, they turned away from fake sugars and returned to real sugar. 6 years ago Spirit Happy diet reported on the dangerous of diet drinks, the food makers called us alarmists; they did not want their profits disturbed. It took a long time but the soda maker finally got the message.  

Pepsi has made literally billions of dollars from diet soda because the public has come to believe real sugar is bad.

It most be made clear that sugar in moderation, is better than any artificial sweetener.  Avoid all artificial sweeteners; they are…“Artificial”

The only bad news in this story is the fact that Pepsi will replace aspartame in their diet drinks with splenda.

Splenda is not safe! It causes weight gain not weight loss! Splenda is terrible for diabetics. We will report more on this in a future post.

How much they profited from diet poison soda

Diet soda's share of consumption rose from 26% to 31% between 1990 and 2010, according to Beverage Marketing Corp., even as many consumers complained about the taste.

Pepsi Co brought in $$$12 billion dollars in soda sales in 2011!

Since 2012 diet soda sales have been dropping fast

The Big Drop in sales

CBS News reported on the huge drop in revenue from diet soda 

Over the past year(2012), sales of non-diet sodas have declined 2.2 percent, while diet sodas have declined 6.8 percent.

Pepsi wants their $$$billions of dollars in profit from you so they are going to advertise "New diet Pepsi without aspartame!" 

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