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Diabetes is a very dangerous illness; there is no other disease which destroys the cells of the body as high blood sugar. Often those seeking to lose weight or obtain a normal blood sugar level are prescribed dangerous medications by their doctor. Spirit Happy Diet has been warning about the dangers of diabetes medications for over 7 years; to lose weight or get a normal blood sugar is possible without the use of dangerous prescription medications.

Another drug causing loss of life

In 2009, we warned of the dangers of the diabetic medication called Avandia, the makers Glaxo Smith Kline assured diabetics that their drug was safe, but this was far from the case. Over 100,000 heart attacks and numerous of deaths were linked to the diabetic medication. The medication was banned.

In 2010, we made it clear that another diabetic drug “Actos” was in the same class as Avandia and subjected users to the same risk, this was later confirmed by researchers. Actos is also linked with very painful bladder cancer.

How to lose weight

Many people seeking to lose weight are put on these dangerous diabetic medications, we have shown people how the Swedish easily lose 10, 20 or even 80 pounds by combining the right foods, and no medications are needed. 

Last week the diabetic community was a buzz as the FDA links another diabetes medication to increased death risk of death!  The diabetes medication Onglyza is the latest diabetes medication to harm the diabetic.

Food and Drug Administration staff said their analysis of deaths in the trial suggested patients using Onglyza experienced “significant or near-significant” increases in death from all causes, not just heart problems

Why are you on drugs?

The most astonishing fact about type 2 diabetes is the fact that 90% of people need no drugs to reverse the condition! Doctors are in the business to get you in and out of the office as soon as possible. They are not trained in nutritional healing, they medicate.

If you go in to doctors with high blood sugar, they give you drugs and send you out.

Drug free for over 7 years

You reverse high blood sugar with a healing diet, not a sugar free diet. All diet foods and diet sodas are a waste of time; they do not heal the body.

There are no safe diabetes drugs, no one

You have 2 options

1. The Spirit Happy Diet has helped people get a normal blood sugar without drugs for over 7 years. It is used in 17 countries. See here Type 2 reverse Diabetes Diet produces a normal blood sugar in 17 countries

2. To lose weight the Swedish Thin Diet causes the fastest and most natural weight loss by simply combining certain foods. There is No nonsense, such as counting points or buying special foods.


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