Can a diabetic eat fruit? See a Surprising answer

Many are wondering can a diabetic eat fruit and in this post we will explore many of the misconceptions and lack of facts surrounding this illness. With more and more people living with this very serious illness it is crucial that people learn scientific what science research says about not only lowering blood sugar but also reversing type 2 diabetes. Can a diabetic eat fruit is a great question and this post should help resolve the question.

It is important to know that diabetes is an inflammatory condition, inflammation from our modern day food supply is helping to spread the high blood sugar epidemic; sadly most high blood sugar diets do nothing to address the root cause of the illness which is the inflammatory condition. Fruits are wonderful and health but many believe that the sugar in the fruit must be bad but what does science research really say about this?

According to a study, published in the British Medical Journal, Harvard University's top researchers found that certain fruits actually normalized blood sugar in diabetics! people who ate fruits at least three times a week had a 2 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those who ate less fruits. Now as good as this sounds you can actually take this healing much further and actually reverse type 2 diabetes. Can a diabetic eat fruit? Diabetes is a inflammation disease, it is an inflammatory condition but few diets can treat the root cause inflammatory condition. The research is clear that much can be done to halt this inflammation condition called “high blood sugar”

Which fruits are best?

According to research presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Obese adults who ate about half a mango a day for 12 weeks saw a significant reduction in blood sugar levels

What is the secret? Certain food have the power to stop the inflammatory condition called high blood sugar but most of the foods today are actually spreading type 2 diabetes, the food manufacture's highly processed food chemicals are making it almost impossible to stop the spread of diabetes.

The weak diabetes diets on the market today do nothing to blunt this inflammatory condition, it may be an amazing what a little mango can do but you can take this much further. Very few diabetes can actually stop the illness but we did show people how to do it.

The Spirit happy Diet site is the number one natural diabetes site in the world, it is now read in over 17 countries, because we showed thousands the root cause of diabetes and how to reverse the illness without the dangerous drugs of the diabetes drug makers. You should now know the answer to the question “can a diabetic eat fruit” but why not take it all the way and stop type 2 diabetes drug free.


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