Diabetes and fruit…a great combination

Diabetes and fruit can be a fantastic combination; unfortunately there is so much misinformation about high blood sugar, many diabetics are simply confused about how to eat. Food is a wonderful medicine when used in the correct way; it is the specific combinations of the right food which reverse illness. Diabetes and fruit, this subject has left many people perplexed about their relationship.

Whole fruit as a powerful weapon against high blood sugar

People are so confused about sugar, this confusion makes treating high blood sugar difficult; the plain fact of the matter is that whole fruits can actually produce a normal blood sugar. Mango is one fruit which has been recently studied in treating high blood sugar; research shows that the fruit has an amazing ability to produce a normal blood sugar in diabetics.  

In addition to producing a normal blood sugar mango has the ability to lower body fat.  

One study from Oklahoma State University revealed the amazing benefits of mango fruit on diabetes and reduction of body fat, 12 weeks of daily mango causes significant body fat loss as well as normalized blood sugar.  The researchers admit they don’t know why the fruit works so well!

* Note: Fruit juice does not help diabetes ONLY whole fruit; it is the exact combination of specific food which reverses diabetes.

"We believe this research suggests that mangos may give obese individuals a dietary option in helping them maintains or lower their blood sugar. However, the precise component and mechanism has yet to be found and further clinical trials are necessary, particularly in those that have problems with sugar control, such as diabetics, are necessary," lead author of the study, Dr Edralin Lucas, associate professor of nutritional sciences at Oklahoma State University, College of Human Sciences

Read between the lines

1. When they say “we don’t know the mechanism by which the fruit works”, what they are actually looking for a way to produce a drug from the mango compound.

2. When they state further research will be needed, it means you will never hear about mango for diabetes again, why? The drug companies need you on drugs not fruit; this is how they make billions in profit.

Do you know any diabetics getting daily mango? Have you heard of the way fruit heals the body accept on Spirit Happy Diet?  Most people need no drugs to reverse type 2 diabetes, but this information will not reach 90% of those who have high blood sugar.

* Note: Fruit juice does not help diabetes ONLY whole fruit; it is the exact combination of specific food which reverses diabetes. Example of whole fruit mango smoothie below

The key to reversing diabetes is with a healing diet NOT a sugar free diet; this is what most diabetic will never discover. The drug companies want you on their drugs for life; the side effects of these medications include heart failure and cancer.



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