The risks of weight loss surgery and more drugs

Many who are living with diabetes are considering whether the risks of weight loss surgery is worth the benefits, according to published studies there is a risk of loss of life for those who opt for having this procedure. In this post we will reveals what so many people are not aware of, the very serious complications that are related to the gastric bypass operation. Gastric bypass surgeries can cause loss of life, the risks of weight loss surgery is very dangerous; we will discuss the risk as well the numerous of drugs many need after the operation.

Gastric bypass what is it really?

The procedure is actually a combination operation.

First the stomach is stapled to make it smaller. Sadly most of the stomach and part of the intestines are bypassed by attaching (usually stapling) a part of the intestine to the small stomach.

The end result is that a patient cannot eat as much and but sadly they absorb fewer nutrients. This can be a long and life changing operation, many people never feel the same again. Despite numerous deaths in the United States doctors are still pimping this operation over lifestyle changes, in England Elizabeth Waliczek and her mother Julia Gibbs both decided to opt for the weight loss surgery despite the risks, the end result was death to the Mother and a wheelchair for the daughter.

Elizabeth told the SunUk (a British Newspaper ): “I’m devastated. My mum and I dreamed of being skinny and would talk about all the things we’d do together once we lost the weight.
I can’t believe that trying to lose weight and become healthy ended up killing her.”

Elizabeth continued:
“I’m the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. I walked four miles a day before the surgery — now I can’t walk unaided. I have numb feet and problems with my fingers that mean I’m unable to grasp things, so I drop them. I only ever leave the house to go to the doctor’s or the hospital and rely on my partner to care for me.” She continues: “My husband does everything for me now. I’d be lost without him.

This is not an isolated case, in Boston,Mass 4 patients recently died after having very serious complications from the operation, the Massachusetts doctor is fighting to get his license reinstated. The young women in England is now on over 200 prescriptions per month There is no need for weight loss surgeries to lose weight, addressing the inflammation from our modern day foods is the key to rapid and healthy weight loss.

Addressing inflammation is the key to our obesity crisis today

Recent scientific studies confirm that obesity is an inflammation related illness, the addressing of inflammation is the key to all weight loss but very few diets can reverse inflammation related weight gain. If you have a hard time losing weight it is due to inflammation not lack of will power; help for obesity is rooted in reversing the inflammatory condition.

The prestige Harvard University revealed what so few dieters know, it is inflammation that causes weight gain.

Departments of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

The discovery that obesity itself results in an inflammatory state in metabolic tissues ushered in a research field that examines the inflammatory mechanisms in obesity. Here, we summarize the unique features of this metabolic inflammatory state, termed metaflammation and defined as low-grade, chronic inflammation orchestrated by metabolic cells in response to excess nutrients and energy.

Revering inflammation from our modern day processed foods causes a loss of body fat naturally, we have proved this in 17 countries; obesity is an inflammatory illness but most diets do not address inflammation. Most diets do not address inflammation.

What works

When researchers used a diabetic styled diet on people with or without diabetes they all lost fat fast and naturally. A diabetic styled diet (not a sugar free diet) caused a reversal of inflammation causing obesity by addressing the inflammation from our modern day processed foods. , this is what most diets cannot and do not do. There is no need to gamble with the risks of dangerous gastric bypass weight loss surgery. A diabetic styled diet is safe and natural and repairs the body from processed food chemicals causing rapid fat loss, no surgeries required, this has been used in 17 countries


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