What to eat for breakfast with diabetes

I have diabetes what should I eat for breakfast? This is a very common question for people who are seeking to keep their blood sugar level normal. Eating the wrong food can cause a diabetic to see a dramatic increase in their blood glucose level and this can lead to serious health complications. It is important to learn how and what to eat for breakfast when you have diabetes, skipping the morning meal can cause deep trouble.

The first meal is extremely important

A recent study highlights how important it is for a diabetic to have a morning meal, often people are not very hungry in the morning and will skip the early meal but this can be a big mistake. According to the University of Minnesota eating a morning meal — even among people whose dietary habits are not all that nutritional — is associated with a lower rate of obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 high blood sugar, and other metabolic health problems. This study follows an earlier study which came to the same conclusion, if you have diabetes you should eat breakfast.

The study was led by the U School of Public Health’s Dr. Andrew O. Odegaard, from the division of Epidemiology and Community Health

There are many who live with high blood sugar and skip the early meal, often the diabetic believes they are doing something good by bypassing the first meal but studies are showing that this is simply not true. It is important to learn how to reverse this illness , type 2 high blood sugar can be reversed without any medications.

Dr Odegaard stated “We examined and compared a range of breakfast frequencies with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other metabolic conditions over 18 years,” Odegaard said. “Eating a daily breakfast is a dietary habit that may be highly relevant for a person’s metabolic health.”

Why not reverse high blood sugar naturally like people have done in over 17 countries, when you learn what is really causing high blood sugar you can attack this illness and reverse it without drugs.


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