What can help me lose weight? Stop the diet soda

What can help me lose weight is a common question we get from the thousand of people who read this site and we make it clear that you must avoid diet soda. The public is finally waking up to the dangers of diet soda and this will start to eat into the profits of the larger soda companies, Coca cola has put out an ad defending the use of the chemical aspartame(used to make fake sugars). Those wondering what can help them lose weight should know that diet soda is not good for me or you.

Coke goes on the offensive

Diet drinks are a billion dollar business, Coke profited over 1.2 billion dollars last year on diet drinks, the dark side of these drinks are that they are linked to cancer, diabetes and weight gain. The fact that diet soda is addictive and causes weight gain has been sited in many University studies. One large study found that people who drank artificially sweetened soda were more likely to experience weight gain than those who drank non-diet soda. Others found those who drank diet soda had twice the risk of developing diabetes and obesity. Purdue University showed that diet soda was directly linked to weight gain and diabetes, the chemical aspartame has created billions for the soda makers but sickness for the people. The thousands of people who read this site and ask “what can help me lose weight?” are informed of the dangerous of fake sweeteners. Fake sweeteners make you fat.

Why dieting does not work

Dieting is a failure for most people today despite the thousands of diets on the market. The reason for the failure of dieting today is due to the fact that most people are not overweight from stuffing their faces all day, people cannot lose weight today because the food is highly processed with food chemicals which cause inflammatory weight gain.

Inflammation is the cause of ADHD,Diabetes and our weight gain. If you have a hard time losing weight today it is due to inflammation, this is backed by 100's of studies. The Departments of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health reported on the direct link between obesity and inflammation. The food today is made to profit billions of dollars but you will stay fat.

The diabetic style diet caused people with or without diabetes who had an inability to drop the excessive fat to experience fast and natural loss of fat. There is no other permanent and natural loss of body weight than by reversing inflammation which is caused by our modern food chemicals, this is how obese people lose weight. What can help me lose weight?


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