Why more people are giving up trying to lose weight, What to do about it

“ I am giving up trying to lose weight, I have tried so many diets and nothing is really working” This is part of a letter that we received from a reader in the United States, in this post we will explain scientifically why dieting will fail most people. Much of the United States has an obesity problem, what is even more troubling are the numbers of people who have tried dieting but are still not losing the body fat. Giving up the quest to lose weight is how millions of people feel when dieting produces little success.

The worldwide dilemma of getting fatter

Despite the countless numbers of television commercial and diet plans, studies show that obesity is rapidly increasing not only in the USA but worldwide; Australia is suffering from increasing obesity. As reported in the New York Times, obesity rates in Australia has tripled in the last three decades, mirroring the sharp rise that occurred in the United States during roughly the same period. In Australia, at least 60 percent of adults and roughly a quarter of children are overweight or obese. According to research by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, one out of two people in nearly half of all developed countries is overweight or obese. People are trying to lose weight but many are giving up after frequent failed attempts to drop excess body weight.

Why you cannot drop the weight

The reason dieting does not work for millions can be explained scientifically, it is crucial to see how the food today causes the body to hold fat. Over 80 percent of all diets fail and this is due to inflammation. It is worldwide Inflammation that is causes of our ADHD, Diabetes,weight gain and eczema increases today; over 100 million people in the United States suffers from inflammation related obesity and belly fat. It is not uncommon to see thin people who still carrying belly fat, this is due to inflammation. Losing weight today is much different than 40 years, the food today is highly processed and causes the body to hold fat, this is backed by solid science studies.

Inflammation and Fat in the body

According to Department of Social Medicine, School of Medicine, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, it is in fact inflammation why dieting does not work, the conclusion from their study was that “inflammatory mediators are strongly associated with obesity syndrome”
Researchers have know for over 40 years that a diabetic style diet causes weight loss in people with or weight out diabetes. We have shown thousands of people how a diabetic sty;le diet causes fat losss in people with or weight out diabetes. Thousands of people who reversed their inflammation from processed foods lost body fat and this is proof that addressing inflammation from our modern processed foods today causes weight loss.

Those who are thinking about giving up trying to lose weight should know dropping fat does not come from celebrities but from science. Reverse the inflammation that our polluted and processed foods create today and the body fat is dropped.


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