What Diabetes chest pain really means

If you are experiencing diabetes chest pain it can be a serious indication of a coming heart attack, this is an issue that must be taken extremely serious. Unfortunately, many people are still not aware of the fact that high blood sugar ruins the organs of the body, each day with an excessive amount of sugars in the body causes wear and tear on the organs. Diabetes chest pain may be signaling artery blockage due to consistently high blood sugar; the arteries are under constant attack, many diabetics die from complication to the heart due to excessive sugars in the bloodstream.

How excessive blood sugar causes heart damage

Elevated levels of an enzyme in the endothelium (arteries) is linked to accelerated atherosclerosis in diabetes, according to a new study by Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. The circulation is under constant attack from high blood sugar, this is the cause of the serious complications to the diabetics organs. The researchers have confirmed what has been stated on this site for over 5 years, the high blood sugar crisis is caused by processed food chemicals. The average diabetic diet does not address the elevated enzyme causing the high blood sugar. The study published in Circulation Research Journal illustrated that once again it is diet that is at the root cause of high blood sugar. Diabetes chest pain can signal a coming heart attack

The researchers finding:

The enzyme overexpression in heart disease prone subjects feed an American style diet was associated with 39% less insulin-induced nitric oxide activation in endothelial cells and 70% more artery plaques.

As we can see from the above study, high blood sugar causes circulation problems which in turn effects the heart and arteries. The American diet with its excessive food chemicals is the cause of the diabetic crisis. What is important to come way with in this article is that people living with an excessive amount of sugar in the blood are causing organ damage; it is crucial to get a normal blood sugar level to save the organs of the body.

A person with high blood sugar is at the same risk for a heart attack as a person who has already had a heart attack! The arteries to the heart need a clear path way to circulate oxygen rich blood but this not happening in the diabetic, excessive sugars erode the lining of the arteries leading to chest pain and a possible heart attack. If you are experiencing pains in the upper body it is essential to address this immediately. You can naturally reverse elevated blood sugar and save your body with a specialized diabetic diet in Europe, thousands of people have reversed high blood sugar naturally without drugs in Europe with a specialized diabetic diet that reversed the damage of food chemicals, this worked in over 17 countries 


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