Diabetes drug side effects? Why the medication may be worst than the illness

Diabetes drug side effects may cause cancer,heart attack and even death, over the last 5 years the media as exposed the dangers of medications for high blood sugar. The most common form of high blood sugar is called “type 2 diabetes”, this is the form of high blood sugar 90 % of diabetics have; type 2 is a lifestyle illness that can be reversed without medications in most people. Diabetes drug side effects are very serious and this information does not always reach the uninformed diabetic. The billions of dollars that the drug-makers profit has lead to fraud and information suppression as to how dangerous the medications really can be.

The Billion dollar con game

Glaxo Smith Kline is the billion dollar drugmaker who had their diabetic medication “Avandia” exposed, the medication was reportedly linked to heart attack,stroke and death, most patients were not informed that Avandia had been linked to the destruction of the heart valve. Many family members of diabetics who had died of heart attack were made to believe that the illness had caused the heart attack but studies now show the drug was responsible for possibly more than 100,000 heart attacks.

Glaxo Smith Kline agreed to pay more than $250 million to resolve about 5,500 claims related to its Avandia diabetes drug and avoid the first trial over claims it kills users, two people familiar with the accords said.
Glaxo, the U.K.'s biggest drugmaker, agreed to settle the lawsuits claiming the drug causes heart attacks for an average of at least $46,000 each, said the people, who declined to be identified because they weren't authorized to speak publicly.

The side effects of diabetes drugs are horrible, what is even more amazing is that high blood sugar can be reversed naturally and drug free.

Glaxo tries again to profit from diabetic drugs
Yesterday, it was revealed that Glaxo Smith Kline were once again trying to get in on the billion diabetic drug market with another drug and once again their drug was linked to side effects. The experimental diabetes medicine albiglutide caused gastrointestinal side effects, in a study to be presented tomorrow to the ADA. The drug-makers will not stop until they are in the b billion dollar diabetic market, the diabetic is the innocent victim in these drug wars.

Why not Go natural

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle illness that can be reversed drug free, the right combination of natural substances has been shown to stop high blood sugar, there are literally thousand of people who are still not understanding that they can avoid side effects and reverse diabetes drug free

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