The bigger lie of Paula Deen: Her Deal with the Diabetes Drug Makers

Paula Deen  is once again in the news, this time for her public announcement that of wanting to have an old time Southern Wedding with all the trimming including “African Slaves in white gloves” serving the food, her comments that she uses the ” N” word regularly have caused the Food Network to fire her and cancel her cooking show. There is something that diabetics and people trying to lose weight should also remember about Paula Deen, back in 2012 she lied and hide the fact that her food caused her diabetes.

What made the Deen lie worst was the fact that she said her food (sticks of Butter, Lard, Fried Chicken and Deep Fried Pork) was healthy! 

Paula Deen hid her Diabetes then signed a Million dollar deal with Novo Nordisk a Danish Diabetes drug maker to promote their Victoza diabetic drug line.

Timing is everything
Paula waited for the ink to dry on the Diabetes Deal then suddenly admit to the world that her deep fried Southern Cooking caused her diabetic condition; this is what is known as fraud on the public.  

Novo Nordisk issued this statement
"We recognize the seriousness of these allegations and will follow the legal proceedings closely," Novo said in a statement, going on to say, "We do not condone racial intolerance of any kind and have spoken to Paula about her comments in the deposition. While she takes a more proactive approach to clearing up her comments, our focus will continue to be to provide the best care possible to all of our patients where we work and live."

What Novo basically means is that if her name can bring in more sales of Victoza (the Brand she promotes) then she will stay, if the public really turns up the heat then she goes. 

A message to the Diabetic: The Diabetes drug companies do not care about you, they care about money…lots of money, Deen will be fired only if it means Novo loses money.

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