Diabetes drug side effect “Death” but FDA may still bring it back

In an amazing turn around the deadly diabetes drug Avandia may be making a come back, the drug which is banned in Europe and seriously restricted in the United States may be back on the market soon. When it comes to Big Pharma the sole purpose is profit, they will literally risk your life for another billion dollar drug and the FDA may be the silent partner in the deal. If your doctor tries to prescribe you Avandia fire him, this is a drug that destroys the heart valve, it has been shown to cause heart attacks,stroke and death, this is why it is banned in Europe and "restricted" in the USA.

Why would the FDA bring back Avandia?

Avandia made Glaxo Smith Kline over 4.5 billion dollars a year, since the ban, they have lost a considerable amount of money off this drug. How big is this drug company? Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline reported total sales of $44 billion for 2011 and generated a net profit of nearly $9 billion.

GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) is based in the United Kingdom and has North American headquarters in Research Triangle Park, they also make drugs for high cholesterol and other illnesses. If you have high blood sugar you should be aware that this illness can be reversed naturally and drug free, any doctor would admit this if you only asked them.

Avandia deaths

A study in 2007 has been widely cited as finding Avandia may increase the risk of heart attack by as much as 43% relatively The drug is controversial and is estimated to have caused 83,000 heart attacks in the United States alone. Thousands of death may have been the result of Avandia, Glaxo Smith Kine agreed to payback 90 million dollars in a U.S settlement, average person who suffered heart attack or stroke was given 50,000 dollars. The families of the deceased received about 60 thousand.

Doctors outraged that the FDA would bring back the drug.

It’s turning back the clock,” said Dr. Clifford J. Rosen, director of clinical and translational medicine at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, who led the advisory committee on the drug in 2007. “I have no idea why they would revisit this issue. It’s a done deal.”

It is important to never trust the FDA, many feel that the agency receives under the table money from the billion dollar drug companies in exchange for drug approvals. The fact that doctors are shocked that Avandia may be “approved” should alert you that something is wrong. Enough money will get any drug approved in the United States, someone will always receive a payoff in exchange for an approval.
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