A Doctor exposes how a Diabetes drug is worst than the illness

It is rare in the world of big pharmacy and the medical industry to find a person who is willing to speak out on the dangers of diabetic drugs, but that is exactly what has happened in California. Dr. Butler, the chairman of endocrinology at the University of California, Los Angeles has discovered that a diabetic drug Januvia caused cancer in an an alarming number of tested animals. The story which broke in the New York Times revealed just how dangerous diabetic medications can be, in fact, most people with Type 2 diabetes don't need medications to reverse the illness.

The risk of using diabetic medications

Over the past 5 years there have been thousands of lawsuits filed due to deaths,heart attack,stroke and cancer from the use of diabetic medications, in fact, diabetic medications which bring in over $15 billion dollars in profit yearly to drug-makers are among the most dangerous. The danger of diabetic medications have a long history, Avandia which was a 5 billion dollar yearly profit drug for Glaxo Smith Kline was eventually banned in Europe due to thousands of heart attacks and numerous of deaths. GSK have paid back millions to families due to lawsuits.

The diabetic medication Actos was recently linked to the spontaneous outbreak of cancers in hundreds of people, the drug is now labeled with a black box warning of possible heart attack from using the drug. Actos which is in the same class of medication as Avandia has also been linked to heart attack, swollen legs and stroke.

The New kid on the block causing Cancer

Dr Butler of UCLA was approached to “push” the Januvia to patients, this is how the drug business works in the United States, the drug-makers give the doctors “Gifts” for writing a certain number of prescriptions, Dr Butler was not interested in the “gifts” but decided to did test the medication on lab animals, and what he discovered was shocking. Dr. Butler found worrisome changes in the pancreases of the rats that could lead to pancreatic cancer. The Billion dollar drug-maker is of-course sending rich lawyers to fight the doctor and his results. The drug-maker will not allow anything to stand in the way of there billion dollar profits, the lawyers will fight every study to keep the money train running.

Diabetes is a billion dollar business and the drug makers are in this for billions but you can be free from the lying drug-makers,over 85% of the drug-makers profits are from those with type 2 diabetes, this is an illness that is reversible without drugs, an insulin resistance diet can and did reverse diabetes in over 17 countries drug free See here  Diabeteswithout medication


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