How much does lap band surgery cost? Why you may not want to do it

If you are wondering how much the lap band cost you may be surprised to know that the surgery has cost many people much more than money. Each year thousands of people come to regret having this very dangerous surgery, the cause for the regret has to do with the serious medical damages that the operation has been having on those who opt for this procedure. For thousands, each year the lap band ends up costing people a lot more than money, the effects of the operation have even been causing death.

Losing your organs to the lap band

Kate was interviewed in Australia, she was always overweight and decided that regardless of the complications she was going to have the weight loss operation, her doctor wisely informed her of the deep complications but she has made up her mind to have the operation and nothing was going to change her mind. Hear is Kate in her own words

In eight months, I lost 52 kilos but had to get my gall bladder removed. According to my surgeon, this was a side-effect of fast weight loss. I rolled with it. Two days after giving birth to our third child I had liver failure. This was another new side-effect of my lap band – I was not receiving all the nutrients I needed to sustain my body or my baby. This is just the tip of the iceberg with this surgery, for many, the complications can be deadly. How much does the lap band cost the body?

The Price on the body

In another case Betty Brown exposed to the world the real dangers of the surgery and this prompted and investigation by the FDA after the death of her little sister. Tami began having trouble shedding weight from her 5-foot-one-inch frame. At the age of 52, she weighed 225 pounds. "The last couple of years she was unhappy because of her size," Brown recalled. " She used to say she wanted to see her feet again." Unfortunately for Tami, she was one of the many who lost more than a kidney or liver to the operation, she lost her life. "She was quite excited. Quite excited," said Brown. "She felt this was going to be a new beginning for her."

Tami was one of 5 people who had died from the surgery in just one clinic alone, there are many more deaths each year. How much does the lap band cost? In terms of money the surgery is well over 5,000 dollars but the risks are not worth it, an insulin resistant diet caused more weight loss than the band.

A 20$ diet beats a $5000 band operation

17 countries and thousands of users have seen an Insulin Resistant diet beat the Lapband, why this works, insulin resistance is the cause of all weight gain and obesity. All weight gain is insulin resistance related, this is the case in people with or without diabetes.

Doctors in Argentina showed that all obesity is caused by insulin resistance, only an insulin resistance diet reverses this, surgery is not needed, surgery is pushed by greed doctors.

"Waist circumference is a predictor of insulin resistance syndrome in children and adolescents and could be included in clinical practice as a simple tool to help identify children at risk, according to Valeria Hirschler, MD, from the Durand Hospital of Buenos Aires and School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and colleagues.

The reason your weight is up is due to insulin resistance, even if you have a normal blood sugar.

The FDA has cracked down on the lap-band makers due to the incredible risks of the operation, there is absolutely no need to spend $5000 for this surgery, don't do it. Before spending $5000 dollars and risking your health, an insulin resistance diet reverses the weight in people with or without diabetes. 


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