Fake Sugar in the diet used by food makers to get you addicted

The Food making business is dirty and ruthless, the food makers add sugar to the diet in just enough quantities to cause an addiction. What is even more alarming is that the kind of sugars that they are using in not “real sugars” at all but a processed syrup version linked to obesity and even cancer. Sugar in the diet is a controversial subject because the humble sweetener that was on your grandma’s kitchen table is not the same thing added to the foods in your supermarket

The not so Sweet truth

The sugars that are added to the food today are actually high fructose corn syrups(not the normal white power you grew up with), check the labels of any product today and you will find HFCS, the makers want you to believe it is the sweetener on your grandma's kitchen table but it is a whole different product, it is produced in a laboratory and is dangerously addictive. The food makers loves this produce because it is addictive and you of-course buy more. The food game is all about money not nutrition, just like the street drug dealer selling crack the supermarkets are doing the same thing with food drugs. This is a dirty business and better stop your food drug addiction.

There are practically no foods on the market today that do not add High Fructose Corn Syrup, like crack it is cheap and addictive, unlike crack it causes obesity and cancer. 

See Below: This is NOT table Grandmas's table sugar

Sugar in the Diet: HFCS is not the same sweetener as table sugar! To add to the confusion the makers of HFCS wanted there product to be called “sugars” to fool the public, the FDA stopped this from happening.

Think about this for a minute: Without the public knowing the makers of HFCS tried to fool you into thinking it is the same thing as the sugars we grew up with, the FDA 

"What's going on here is basically a con game to suggest otherwise," .Dan Callister, a lawyer for the Sugar Association

"What do con men do? They normally try to change their name. The FDA has thankfully stopped that."Callister said

If you are overeating Spirit Happy has shown people for 5 years in 17 different countries that the food makers are purposely making you fat!  

You probably don't know it but most people today have food addictions, we are addicted to sugars,salts, and all kinds of foods but it is not your fault. The food game is a war for billions of dollars and if you believe that the food makers would care about your being addicted to the product you are very naive.

They want you drugged so they maker many more billions. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda,Equal and Sweet and low are worst, and should never be consumed. What you want to do is break the sugar in the diet addiction and use real sugar responsibly. .

It is a war for your body, HFSC causes aging and cancer, it literally changes the cells of the body to cancerous. Over 1,000 people broke their sugar in the diet addiction and lose 25 pounds in one month 


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