Can I stop diabetes medication? Why people are stopping and should you

Can I stop diabetes medication was the top search on diabetic news recently due to 2 high blood sugar medications being slapped with serious warnings from the Food and Drug administration. Last year Avandia was linked to direct heart attacks, stroke and deaths in many countries. Can I stop diabetes medication is a popular search for many diabetics who are afraid of the dangers that blood sugar medications bring.

Avandia banned in Europe

Avandia has recently been banned in Europe due to direct deaths from the medication. The drug was never very effective in lowering blood sugar but still profited the drug maker Glaxo Kline Smith over 5 billion dollars a year! Diabetic drugs are blockbusters that usually bring in billions yearly. Often these drugs are dangerous and do great harm to the diabetic but they are not removed until people die. What most people have not learned is that it is possible to reverse type 2 high blood sugar without drugs. Those asking “Can I stop diabetes medication” should know that it is possible but not with a typical sugar free diabetic diet.

This was the headline from CBS News last year

Diabetes Drug and Risk: Avandia Linked to Stroke, Heart Trouble, Deaths (CBS/AP) A new study links the controversial diabetes drug Avandia to heart problems, strokes and deaths in older adults, and says it is more dangerous than a rival drug, Actos.

Last week, we reported how the drug maker Glaxo silently paid over 90 million dollars to those who were damaged by their drug in Florida. This payback is nothing compared to the estimated $70 Billion Glaxo Smith Kline made on the drug Avandia before it was pulled from the public. The drug makers don’t care; they simply push out another danger blood sugar drug leaving you at risk.


Can I stop diabetes medication?


YES YOU CAN! There is no need for diabetic drugs if you have Type 2 diabetes. This is what the drug makers don’t want you to know. Type 2 diabetes has been reverse in over 10,000 people with the Spirit Happy Diet; it is the most popular diabetic diet in the world.   Why does it work for so many? It works for so many because we exposed the truth that a sugar free diet cannot stop diabetes.  We expose that Food chemicals cause diabetes and only a natural  specialized diabetes diet created for reversing this works.


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