Diabetes, Diet and Crisis: Amazing Increase of over 50% in over 40 states

It has become clear that the diabetes diet crisis that has lead to the largest increase in the illness in the history of the Unites States. This is a very silent yet punishing disease that is affecting millions in the USA. There is more bad news, The CDC has just released amazing statistics that shown we have a true Diabetes diet crisis that is leading to the loss of life.

The Center for Disease control shows that we have an emergency on our hands.

Here is the latest news from the CDC

 Diabetes rose dramatically from mid-1990's to 2010: CDC; Prevalence of the disease increased by at least 50% in 42 of the country's 50 states

What has happened: From the mid 1990’s to 2010 the United States has seen an incredible jump in diabetic high blood sugar. The weak sugar free diets are not working. What is happening to the people is nothing short of incredible. The rate of Kidney disease, Liver disease and heart disease has doubled due to high blood sugar. People are losing the fight. It is critical to reverse this illness to save your body. The diabetes diet recommendations have been a joke and have not helped. The diets recommended by the health industry are failing.

Please understand that a sugar free diet cannot stop the punishing blood sugar. We have revealed this as far back as 4 years ago when the Spirit Happy diet was introduced.

Why has this crisis grown this way? We showed people in over 17 countries that the food causes type 2 diabetes by what is added to the food supply. We live in a time when you must take charge of your own health. You can reverse Type 2 diabetes without drugs. Relying on doctors has caused the largest increase in high blood sugar in history. . High blood sugar is a poison to every cell in your body, we will not win by drinking a diet soda and thinking all is well. A diabetes diet must reverse the illness by healing the body from the food you ate. 


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