Why we urge Diabetes Without Medication

This site has shown people for over 4 years why diabetes without medication is the only way to reverse the illness. You may not have heard of Glaxo Smith Kline but they are one of the biggest makers of billion dollar diabetic drugs in the world. These diabetic drug companies make huge money and they cure nothing. You can reverse diabetes without medications but this is not what the drug makers want you to know.

Here is the latest news on Glaxo Smith Kline which was released just yesterday. What they did was to LIE to you and tell you that their diabetic drug Avandia did not ruin your heart. Why did they do this? They lied because they make over 5 billion dollars a year on the blood sugar drug Avandia

Read below why treating diabetes without medication is the last thing the drug makers want you to do.

Florida Part of GlaxoSmithKline's $90 Million Avandia Settlement

Here is what the Judge said

“Misleading patients about a medication's safety profile and cardiovascular risks is dangerous,” Bondi stated in a release. “GlaxoSmithKline is now required to safely and properly promote its diabetes drug, Avandia.”

As part of the settlement, GSK must not: make any false, misleading or deceptive claims about any diabetes drug

Here are the facts, they are going to pay back $90 million dollars for ruining the heart of countless numbers of people. The judge told them  basically “You can’t lie to the people anymore about the drug safety”  What a joke, these drug makers have billion dollar lawyers; the drug companies  pay the fine and keep on doing the same thing.

There is no need for a drug for type 2 diabetes. You can reverse type 2 diabetes with a very specialized diet. We have shown people this in over 17 countries. This is the information the druggies don’t want you to have. Go natural and free and get healthy.

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