What is a good diet for diabetics? The Spirit Happy diet is still the best

Often those with diabetes are confused and wondering what is the best diet for diabetics. The Spirit Happy diet is still the best and we have been for the last 4 years. In 2008 the site was created in Denmark and has helped thousands go medication free. When the site was started we stated that diabetes was reversible. What is a good diet for diabetics? It is a diet that heals the body from the punishing damage of blood sugar.

When we first stated that you could reverse the illness we were met with criticism from the Billion dollar drug companies and charities. We exposed the lies of the diabetes drug companies and revealed their dangerous side effects. What this site does that no other sites on this illness does is to give the power back to the person with high blood sugar. What is a good diet for diabetics, so many thousands have used Spirit happy because they know we battle the drug makers and FDA to give you the best information to reverse the illness without medications.

We can boldly say that the illness is reversible and treatable naturally.

We were the first natural diabetes diet to spread to 17 countries in less than one year. One of the things were are most proud of is exposing the charities. The diabetes charities take in billions every year with no cure. Has it occurred to you that the American Diabetes Association has received half a billion dollars in funds and have never even mentioned a hint of a cure? This is what spread our popularity, we showed people how to reverse the illness without the billion dollar charities or the billion dollar drug companies. We will expose even more about the blood sugar crisis in the coming months. There is no other diabetes site like Spirit Happy which is read in over 17 countries.

What is a good diet for diabetics? An insulin Resistant Diet is the only way to reverse the damage from food chemicals and reverse high blood sugar, this has worked for thousands of people.

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