Type 2 diabetes diet in trouble: Why most fail

It is clear that something is wrong with the typical type 2 diabetes diet. 

The numbers of  people suffering from the illness are not slowing down. The illness is in fact spreading at an alarming rate. This has many health professionals at a loss for a clear explanation why. The Type 2 diabetes diet is clearly in trouble because the illness has become a worldwide crisis.

      The growing numbers of Amputations and blindness

     One of the complications of the diabetic crisis has been the loss of the limbs of the body. Diabetes now affects over 25 million in the United States and over 300 million people worldwide. This is the greatest health crisis in the world since AIDS. With the growth of the illness has come a loss of body functions. The number of  amputations (The removal of arms and legs) have double in the last 10 years. In addition, diabetic blindness has  tripled over the same time period. The standard type 2 diabetes diet is not working and this must be addressed.

      The Sugar free dilemma

      The sugar free diet has been a failure in controlling the high blood sugar crisis. The typical diabetic is on a sugar free diet and have replaced sugar with artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have not helped to slow the epidemic. In fact health studies have linked sugar free sodas to obesity. Something is clearly wrong with the current standard type 2 diabetes diet. Until this is address the crisis shall continue to grow. 

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