Is there a diet pill that works? What really works and what does not

Is there a diet pill that works is a question that is asked by many people looking for a quick way
  to lose weight, the problem is your “heart” and the many deaths that have been attributed to these
  lose weight fast pills. The bottom line is that pills that cause weight loss try to do it in an un-natural
  way and this cause other health complications. Is there a diet pill that works?  See below

  Are you really losing weight?

Do these  pills truly work at all was studies by a major University and the results were shocking to say the least. The ineffectiveness of ALL these pills were conclusive. 

Melinda Manore, an Oregon State University researcher, reviewed the evidence surrounding
hundreds of weight loss supplements and found no evidence that any single product results in any significant weight loss

Please let that sink in…none worked... this is very important  information for a person truly looking to lose weight. It would be one thing if the pills simply did not work but they did something worst.  Merida a very used weight loss pill was petitioned by the FDA for removal due to the fact that 84 deaths had been linked to the pill.

The average weight loss on the pill Merida was 1 pound.  The average weight loss pill after researching 50 of them was still 1 pound!  For those
asking is there a diet pill that works the answer from numerous of studies is… No.  

Spirit Happy diet users know that the fat safely melt off with a specialized diabetes diet, this is
because the diet naturally causes your body to drop weight by reversing the damage from our modern day processed foods. This was shown in countless of studies

Over 17 countries have used the Spirit Happy diet to naturally lose weight by repairing the body from processed food chemicals which cause weight gain

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