Pre diabetes now what should I do? Here is an answer

Pre diabetes now what ? This is a question many ask after receiving the bad news that they have a high sugar level. It is important to understand exactly what it means to be pre diabetic. It is a very dangerous situation to be in but it also meas that you have some time. We will speak more on the issue of time a little later. Pre dibetes now what? If this is your situation then please listen to a very special warning

Pre diabetic warning sign

Diabetes is a serious and growing illness. Please understand that it is the most serious crisis in the health profession today. There are over 26 million in the United States with this illness and the problem is getting worst. High glucose is a sign that your pancreas is either not producing good insulin levels or that your cells are becoming insulin resistant. This is serious, what is happening is that your body cannot fight the rising amounts of glucose in your blood. Pre diabetes now what? This is a great question, you must do something before you lose the body to the illness.

The loss of the legs, arms, and the leading cause of blindness

Thousands have had to have an arm or leg removed due to damaging high levels of blood sugar. High glucose also invades the eyes and has been causing rising levels of diabetic blindness. This is a serious illness that must be combated quickly. Often people who are pre diabetic wait around and assume that the illness will just go away. There are also those who assume they can live as a pre diabetic. This is a very dangerous way to think, this is a very silent and deadly illness. If you are asking I have pre diabetes now what? 5 studies showed the Spirit Happy diet reversed Pre diabetes. This has worked for thousands of people in over 17 countries

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