Why can’t I lose weight? There is a reason dieting fails

Why can’t I lose weight? This is a very familiar question for people who have tried dieting and failed. The riddle for why weight loss diets have not worked has puzzled health professionals and doctors for many years.  To make matters worst there are more people dieting than at any time in U.S history. For those asking  Why can’t I lose weight this is a great question and researchers in Europe may finally have an answer.

The true cause of weight gain

There has been an explosion of obesity in much of the Western world. In the United States there has been an alarming doubling in obesity rates in 40 of the 50 states. This is an incredible number of people who are overweight. Something is seriously wrong and this has become a crisis in many countries. The increase in obesity rates isn't for lack of trying to drop the pounds. People are trying to lose weight but are failing. This may be you,  you are dieting and continuing to failure. Why can’t I lose weight?  Researchers may have an answer.

The diabetic secret

Three years ago researchers in Europe discovered that the Spirit Happy Diabetes Diet was causing weight loss in people without diabetes. When researchers put people who did not have diabetes on the specialized diabetic diet, they all lost the fat fast. This is because the diet did something more than cut calories, it also repaired the damage from food chemicals.( Processed foods damage the body and cause you to hold weight)   The Spirit Happy diet caused the weight loss because it not only stopped the damage from processed foods but it also repaired the body causing a healthy weight loss.  This finally stopped the Why can't I lose weight question. This is what other diets do not do. This was reported in over 5 peer reviewed studies.  Type 2 Diabetes Diet


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