My Child has diabetes: What to do about a national problem

My Child has diabetes was what one mother said as she tried to help him catch his breath after the boy had passed out. We are seeing the beginning of a very serious crisis in children., the rise of type 2 diabetes. This was once an illness that primarily affected adults but this has changed due to the food processing of today. If you are saying “my child has diabetes” it is very important to know that the illness wrecks havoc on the Kidneys and Liver of these young people. In fact, it does the same thing to adults but the children have less of a defense.

An adult problem comes to children

Adult onset diabetes is no longer for adult only. The children have been affected by the illness is a huge way. Dr. Fran Cogan of the Children Medical Center Diabetes Division reported on the horrible crisis. High blood sugar is the greatest threat to the health of people today. It is important to protect your child. High blood sugar leads to kidney and liver failure and it sets your children up for an early heart attack. There is no illness as harmful as high glucose. Mothers all across the USA and Europe are now experiencing what the illness does to children. It is a familiar but scary phrase. “My child has diabetes”... This is a wake up call to the parent and child.

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