Is Low Carb diet good for you and me? There is a better choice

Is a Low Carb diet good? Is a question that many ask due to Dr. Atkins(he made low carbohydrates popular) It is important to understand exactly what this kind of diet can do to the body and how it effects the heart. At Spirit Happy Diet we encourage people to do what is best for the body from a holistic approach. Is a Low Carb diet good for you and me? listen to what the researchers have said.

A fad diet is a fad diet

When Dr. Atkins died on a New York City street it was reported that he had died from a heart attack. The official reason for the death of the doctor has been from a fall and hitting his head but many state that he definitely had a heart attack. If you are interested in low carbohydrates as a way to lose weight you must know that this can play be playing a deadly game with your heart.

New information released this week on the dangers of a Low Carbohydrate diet. This information is usually only of interest to doctors and nutritionist but Spirit Happy Diet believes in informing our thousands of readers to what is really happening with your health.

Here is the latest information

Diabetic ketoacidosis complications emerge when the pancreas decreases production of insulin, because the body has no carbohydrates to turn into glucose, and switches to burning fatty acids that produce acidic ketone bodies that cause the symptoms and complications of diabetic ketoacidosis.
Basically the body will produce LESS insulin and this is exactly what you don't want if you want to lose weight or reverse diabetes. This effects those with and without diabetes. Is a Low Carb diet healthy? Do not believe the hype, you will strain your body if you do not get enough Carbohydrates.
Here are the symptoms
Labored breathing, confusion, vomiting and dehydration are typical symptoms of  Diabetic ketoacidosis, and if left untreated, coma and even death can ensue.

Most on low carbs do not realize the metabolic damage that they are doing to themselves. The Spirit Happy Diet is the most popular Europe diet because we HEAL the body and the weight drops off fast.  This is what Atkins,Weight Watchers and the rest can never do, they have no healing in them.  Don't fall for the carbohydrates are bad trick. Your heart will thank you.  An insulin resistant diet causes permanent weight loss in people with or without diabetes 

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