What Diet should a Diabetic follow?

If you are asking what diet should a diabetic follow it is important to know the the facts. First, there are many diets to choose from but most will not work to reverse blood sugar. We will go more into this a little later in the post. High blood sugar is not an illness to play around with, it effects every cell of the body. What diet should a diabetic follow should never be a causal question; it is extremely serious. This is a question of saving your body or losing it.

What is happening in your body

A person with high blood sugar has a daily battle against poison in the bloodstream.
An elevated constant level of glucose wreaks havoc on the cells of the body. It is important to dump this excess glucose out of the blood. Living with this causes deep complications to the body. Living with high blood sugar is the cause of major complications like diabetic ulcers,diabetic stroke and more. When you are asking what diet should a diabetic follow this is a very serious question. A causal approach to diabetes must be abandon, action is required.

The failure of the Typical diabetes diet

With the usual American Diabetes Association diet recommendations diabetes has increased in the last 20 years. It is clear that the standard sugar free diet has been a complete failure. A Diet Coke and a salad is not going to stop a punishing illness like high glucose which invades every cell of the body. Diabetic blindness has doubled in the last 10 years and a diet Coke won't stop this. What diet should a diabetic follow? Only a healing diet that can reveres the cell damage and heal the pancreas. How many diets can do this? Almost none. The Spirit Happy Diet is the most popular natural diabetes diet since 2008 because it works. It heals the body and this is what the other diets will not do. You only get on body and one pancreas get the high glucose out of your blood stream.  Have a Great Day

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