Diabetes not Overweight: Confused about weight

If you have diabetes and are not overweight or fat you are not alone. There are may who suffering from high blood sugar and have no obesity problem, they are thin. This is a situation that has confused science for a long time. In fact many are not diagnosed with type 2 until it is too late because doctors did not think to check. You can have diabetes and not be overweight, this is a medical fact and it eliminates a lot of stereotypes.

The Thin and Skinny Type 2 Diabetic

We are more familiar with the fat diabetic, this is a person who has insulin resistant cells that ignore insulin's attempts to remove sugar from the bloodstream. When sugar is allowed to sit in the bloodstream for a long time it causes serious damages to the cells of the body. This is why diabetics can go blind or often may need to have a limb removed, it is from the damaging affects of the blood sugar. People who carry a lot of fat often have this problem, the fat contributes to the cells becoming insulin resistant.

But why does this happen to the thin person. We are seeing more and more people who have diabetes and are not overweight. We will explain

The Type 2 diabetic without the weight problem

There are many factors that contribute to diabetic high blood sugar. Genetics can set you up for diabetes even if you are thin. Studies show that genetics are more a factor in becoming insulin resistant than being overweight. If your parents have diabetes you are more susceptible to get the illness.

The number one cause: The main cause of high blood sugar today is the food, we are not speaking of sugar or fat but of food chemicals. This is the main cause of the diabetic explosion, thin and heavy alike are all being effected by the food. A sugar free diet will not reverse diabetes. This is a deadly illness that must be attacked right back in order to save the body. An insulin resistance Diet reverses this illness, this has worked in over 17 countries. This is the permanent natural solution to lose the excess weight. 


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