Is it diabetes? How to know

Is it diabetes? With so many millions of people battling high blood sugar, many are wondering are they latest victims of this deadly illness. The disease is spreading in the United States and worldwide at a record rate. Are you one of the new victims of the illness, this is a good question because the damage from high blood sugar can be deadly. Is it diabetes? There are ways you can find out

70 million Pre diabetic

Being Pre diabetic means that your sugar level is on the borderline of high. What this means is that your pancreas is losing the battle against sugar in your bloodstream. The more common signs of diabetes is numbness in hands and feet, excessive thirst,fatigue or dizziness. There are many more symptoms but these are most common. High Blood sugar is a very danger thing to the nerves of the body , when left unchecked the damage becomes worst to your organs. Nerve damage is also a complication of high blood sugar. No matter how you look at high glucose it is a danger to the body. Is it diabetes? The rate of the illness is spreading amongst the young and old. Children are now suffering from adult onset high glucose, 26 million people in the USA have high blood sugar and more people are becoming effected. You may have the illness.

A diabetic diet for everyone

Doctors in Switzerland suggested that a diabetic diet will soon be necessary for all people. This is the greatest protect from the illness. The advantages of a diabetic diet are many, here are just a few that our users experience

A reversal of high blood sugar. Getting this poison high level of blood sugar out of your system is critical.

Another advantage is fast fat loss. Only a diabetic diet causes belly fat loss, this is because healthy insulin is what really promotes a flat stomach.

Protect against the coming wave of high blood sugar. Teen and children are experiencing diabetes at a record level, this is happening because of food chemicals and processed foods.

These are just some of the benefits of a diabetic diet. A diabetic diet is for people with and without diabetes. Is it diabetes? It might be

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