I have Pre diabetes why this is your warning

I have pre diabetes what should I do now ? This is the situation for over 70 million in the United States. We are experiencing a tremendous number of people who are on the borderline of the worst illness in the world today. This is not something you want to live with, the illness is a very serious destroyer of your body and leads to serious health problems. I have Pre diabetes is becoming a very common statement for those living in the West.

The beginning of health complications

I you are pre diabetic it is a warning that the pancreas is losing the fight against the damaging effects of blood sugar. High blood sugar is a enemy to the cells of your body, it is important to remove this excess blood glucose or you are on the road to big problems. Excess glucose causes your cells to become resistant to the insulin. Insulin is your friend, it is trying to remove the excess glucose and save your cells but the cells no longer response to the insulin. This is what is happening your body. The consequences are blindness, foot amputations, heart disease and kidney failure. It even gets worst. “I have pre diabetes” If this is what you are saying it means that your pancreas is losing the fight

It is important to get healthy now, it is important to remove the excess sugar with diet. Unfortunately most diabetic diets do nothing to reverse the illness. A sugar free diet cannot and will never reverse the damaging effects of the glucose. A sugar free diet is a good start but it will not take the poison high glucose out the body. Each day the diabetic waits more damage is done to the cells of the body and the complications get worst. This is not a small illness, it is a devastating disease. If you are one of the million saying “I have pre diabetes” is a message to do something.  An insulin resistance diet has reversed diabetes naturally in over 17 countries drug free, this simply works to reverse the illness. 


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