Air Pollution and Diabetes why the environment can cause you problems

Air Pollution is connected to diabetes says the Childrens hospital informatic counsel. The study looked a the levels of air quality in major cities and found that the worst the air quality, the more cases of high blood sugar. We have a crisis in the United Stated and much of the world in regards high glucose; it is important that you understand that diabetes and air pollution have a very strong connection.

Why does the air quality effect blood sugar?

Your body is craving healthy foods and a clean environment. Chemicals, pollutions and un-natural foods cause a disruption in the normal function of your cells. There are may things in our modern daily life that can cause diabetic high blood glucose. The study from the Childrens Hospital Informatic below showed that dirty air did contribute to high blood sugar

In all analysis, there was a strong and consistent association between diabetes prevalence and PM2.5 concentrations. For every 10 μg/m3 increase in PM2.5 exposure, there was a 1 percent increase in diabetes prevalence. This finding was seen in both 2004 and 2005, and remained consistent and significant when differing estimates of PM2.5 exposure were used.

What were the main pollutants that effected blood glucose? Automotive exhaust and haze mixed with smoke. It is clear that air pollution has an effect on healthy insulin production or it contributes to insulin resistant cells.

What this means is that the quality of air that you breath has an effect on how well your body's insulin can remove the dangerous levels of Glucose.

Insulin has a very tough job, it must remove the damaging blood sugar from your bloodstream and if your blood sugar is high it means the insulin is losing the fight. High glucose is a powerful force that eventually wins the battle against the good insulin unless you fight back with a healing diet. If you continue to not do anything to reverse this very bad things start happening to your body( as an example blindness and leg amputations) As we can see if you are battling high glucose you have a difficult challenge but you must fight back.  

Bed well and have a great day.

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