Why the diabetes drug makers want you stuck on their drug$$

There is a very good reason why the diabetes drug-makers fight furiously to get the FDA to approve their dangerous medications, the answer is plainly money. The obscene amounts of cash is almost too ridiculous to believe. Once a diabetic medication receive approval from the FDA the drug-makers will profit over 5 billion dollars every year. The problem with this picture is that you lose and they win. Diabetes drugs are dangerous and they all have one thing in common, they destroy the heart valve. Over time you lode your heart.

Your heart their Billions

The drug-makers are in the business for one reason and that is profit. It is important to understand exactly what it is that your doctor is giving you when you fill that prescription. The diabetic crisis is in full bloom and boom, and for the the billion dollar drug makers there is a rush to put new medications on the market fpr profit. With the approval of the drug comes insane amounts of money, the bad new is that these drug makers hide the serious side effects to gain FDA approval.

Glaxo Smith Kline is one of the largest drug-makers in the world. They profit over 100 billion dollars a year on various medications. They have a strong lust for the diabetes market because it is extremely profitable. Their diabetes drug Avandia was creating over $4 billion dollars a year in profit, then came the very alarming news that the drug was responsible for deaths and heart attacks.

Hundreds dead and they blamed you

At least 300 death and numerous heart attacks were the results of just trying to get a normal blood sugar. The drug maker blamed the heart attacks on “your high blood sugar” The story gets worst, a judge found that Glaxo hid the fact that the drug would ruin your heart!. The settlement? each family received about 50,000 dollars in the settlement. Glaxo profited 50 Billion dollars in the years the drug was on the market. This is the game of diabetes medications. They are willing to gamble with your life and pay your family a few thousand if you die. To make matter worst Glaxo has been approved by the FDA to release a new diabetes drug to the market.

No one needs drugs to control or reverse type 2 diabetes. There is no safe diabetes drug, they all ruin the heart valve. Spirit Happy has shown people how to reverse diabetes in over 18 countries worldwide without the drug-makers drugs.

We reported on Glaxo Smith Kline over 3 years ago, it is completely possible to reverse diabetes naturally with an Insulin Resistance Diet. This diet has been used to naturally reverse diabetes in over 17 countries
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