What can high blood sugar do to you? How it takes your life

What can high blood sugar do to you? Those who are concerned  should understand that a new study has just revealed how high glucose leads to death. Diabetes is the most damaging illness in the world today, over 300 million are fighting the illness worldwide. It is not a disease that should be treated causally, it must be addressed immediately. What can high blood sugar do to you is a common question from those living with this condition. The illness is nothing short of scary, it attacks every cell of the body taking lives early.

Maryam Afkarian, MD, from the University of Washington, Seattle, and colleagues report in a study published online in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology which revealed the damaging effects that high glucose has on the kidneys. In fact, it was the kidney which were a prominent marker for other diabetic health complications such as heart disease. The doctor gave a very serious warning

"The presence of kidney disease robustly identifies a diabetes sub population at high risk of death,"

"One of the major ways that kidney disease contributes to increased mortality is that it makes cardiovascular disease worse," Dr. Afkarian added. This study addressed the common Type 2 diabetes which is spreading worldwide (The most common diabetes in most people) and Type 1 which  is the typical childhood blood glucose disease many are born with( they will usually need insulin injections)What can high blood sugar do to you? High glucose is a poison that attacks all the cells of the body. The organs of the body cannot handle the flood of glucose that attacks the cells each day, they eventually give out. This his how the diabetic losses the fight.

We have sounded the alarm about the urge need to reverse diabetes today. As the diabetic waits the poison high level of glucose wrecks the heart, kidneys and lungs. The pancreas eventually cannot produce usable insulin, it develops into a very  sad picture. What can high blood sugar do to you? You now know, do not live with this condition as each day the organs take a serious beating. Be well

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