My child has high blood sugar diabetes

“My child has high blood sugar” was our latest email from a mother who was wondering what to do about this very serious problem. A 10 year old girl is now one of the many children living with the adult form of type 2 diabetes, this is an astonishing and growing trend. Spirit Happy has fought with the FDA and drugmakers over the growing diabetic crisis. If you are one of the many parents saying “My child has high blood sugar” please do not ignore this very important warning.

Why children have become the new adult diabetics

When an adult illness has started to effect children it is a awake up call that something is seriously wrong. What is the root cause of the issue? The answer is simply the food, type 2 diabetes is largely a lifestyle disease and this is where the problem must be addressed. A diet of too much sugar or fat can contribute to illness but do not believe for a second the worldwide outbreak of high glucose across the United States, Europe and Australia is simply from consuming excessive amounts of sugar and fat. Do not believe millions of children across the globe simply sat in McDonald's and "gave themselves" type 2 diabetes. If you are one of the many saying “My child has high blood sugar” Understand that the children have been legally poisoned. There are poisons in the food like high fructose corn syrup, which creates diabetic high glucose. The substance HFCS is added to almost every single product in the United States, Europe, and Australia. The FDA refuses to remove it, claiming they need more proof it is killing you and your child.

High fructose corn syrup is a poison and is in almost every food on the market today, it is just one of tons of chemicals that did not exist in our food just 40 years ago, that was also a time when we had almost no children with type 2 diabetes. If you were a child with type 2 diabetes 40 years ago you may have made headline news because it was so very rare. Today, it is common and there is a price to pay, kidney disease, leg amputations, early heart disease are just some of the complications of high glucose in the bloodstream. We are seeing 12 year old kids with the beginning of adult heart disease.

Fat and sugar abuses are not new but we have never had an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in the child as we have today. The FDA and food drug makers (Yes..we have food drug makers)  want you to believe that  it is the natural sugar and fat causing the diabetic crisis because this hides the true cause of the problem which are their chemicals in the food. What has happened?  Fake fats, Fake sugars, and other chemicals called “natural” have caused the outbreak of adult illnesses to affect children.

The labels on food use to be so simple just 40 years ago. Sugar, Milk, Butter but we have a different situation today, you would need a degree in chemical chemistry to understand the labels today. Do not rely on the FDA to protect you, they all get rich  when the food chemicals are approved by the FDA. Have they poisoned you? If you are also saying “ my child has high blood sugar diabetes” What did they put in your child’s food.  Reverse Adult and Children's high blood sugar diet now used in 18 countries drug free
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