Do I have diabetes? Why not knowing is causing a huge problem

Do I have diabetes? Is a common question from those who are suffering with the symptoms. There are over 50 million in the United States who are dangerously living with a high blood sugar without knowing it according to doctors. St. Louis University researchers stated that there were huge numbers of people who were surprised when test revealed they were diabetic. Do I have diabetes? Is a question that must be answered in order to save your body from this very deadly illness. Researchers believe there are over 50 million who are at risk and not aware

The Silent Killer

Not knowing you have a poison high glucose level causes the cells of the body to endure deep damage because  high blood glucose invades the bloodstream. High blood sugar is known as a silent killer because of the way that it takes the organs. Each day with a high blood sugar is a day that the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs must fight to survive the effects of the punishing glucose. One of the consequences of high glucose is the damage that is done to the heart muscle. What the poison high levels of glucose do to the heart is very devastating. 

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis showed that high glucose causes the heart to be deprived of oxygen. What this means is less blood flow and possibly heart attack or stroke. Do I have diabetes? You must find out or at least protect yourself with the right diet.  

The effects on the heart are very alarming, if you are diabetic or are pre diabetic you must understand that this is the most damaging illness in the world today. Living with this poison in the bloodstream means pain, loss of eyesight and leg amputations. The illness literally destroys the body because your insulin cannot fight back against the glucose.  

The University researcher Dr. Groppler was quoted below

“We know that insulin has beneficial effects on vasodilation,” Gropler says. “But in the second group of patients, we saw that a high level of insulin could not overcome the inhibition of vasodilation caused by a high level of glucose.”

Your good insulin which is responsible for helping to remove the poison high level of glucose could not do it. High blood sugar was too strong for the insulin to protect the heart.

Do not be content to live with this illness; this would be a huge mistake as the illness takes the whole body. It is imperative to reverse the illness not try to live with it.  Be Well

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