Thinking about Gastric bypass surgery researchers say don't do it

Many who have diabetes and are desperate have resorted to dangerous bypass surgery in an attempt to reverse the disease. There are several reasons why this is a very bad decision for your health. The numbers of people suffering from high blood sugar is soaring, to make matters worst diet is failing the many who have tried. Bypass surgery for diabetes is usually the route taken by those who have failed to reverse the illness by dieting but this is a very bad decision says researchers.

Surgery does not work

The main reason to avoid this surgery is because researchers showed last year that of the thousands of people who had this procedure the high blood sugar secretly returned. Many were miss lead into think that their high glucose had gone away. In fact, the illness returns after the surgeries and hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted. The pain and bleeding also took some over a year before a full recovery. Despite the pain and complications of the surgery there are still some who would undergo the procedure if it really made their high blood sugar go away but it does not. It is clear that bypass surgery for diabetes does not work.

The New York Times broke the story last year and revealed what those who have had the procedure already knew, the high blood sugar returns. The Journal of Obesity Studies published the shocking report.

Here were the key finding.

  1. Weight gain was not the cause of the high blood sugar returning
  2. Almost 50% of people who had this expensive procedure had the high blood sugar return

Here was the quote from one of the doctors

What we’re learning is that not all diabetic patients do as well as others,” said Dr. David E. Arterburn, the lead author of the study and an associate investigator at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle. “Those who are early in diabetes seem to do the best, which makes a case for potentially earlier intervention.”

This is unbelievable, what they are saying is that a person with Pre diabetes and slightly overweight does best on this $3,000 dollar surgery. This is nonsense, we have shown people in 17 countries how to reverse full diabetes (not just pre diabetes) without any medications or surgery. We have shown that people naturally drop fat on our diabetic based diet. This is why Spirit Happy is the number one weight loss and diabetes cure in 17 countries. A diabetic diet is the greatest secret for weight loss for all people and we have shown this in our research

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