What does Pre diabetic mean? The last warning

What does Pre diabetic mean is a very important question that we have recently received. It is important that you understand why this is such an important issue. You are not alone if you are suffering from diabetes, it is an epidemic. This is a growing crisis with over 50 million in the Unites states living with high blood sugar. What does Pre diabetic mean? It means that your pancreas is starting to lose the fight against blood sugar, this can be extremely dangerous.

When the Pancreas gives out

When you hear the world diabetes be very alarmed, this is a very serious illness that destroys the organs of the body. You must think of high glucose as a poison in your body that ruins the cells. It shortens you life span and causes serious health problems. When blood sugar is high it is an enemy to the cell, normally blood sugar is a good thing and it is needed in the body but when levels remain high you are in for major health problems. The body is smart and tries to dump the extra blood sugar by releasing insulin from your pancreas. Insulin's job is to remove the poison high levels of sugar from your bloodstream. What does pre diabetic mean? It means that the pancreas which is continually releasing insulin to remove the sugar is starting to wear out. To put it in simple language the insulin production is finishing, slowing down or has stopped. You now have a big problem.

Insulin resistant

Your cells may now be insulin resistant, in other words your cells do not care that your pancreas is sending insulin, the cells are resistant to the insulin. What does this mean to you. Your pancreas can give out, your kidneys and heart are also effected by the flood of blood sugar that will not leave the bloodstream. Pre diabetes is a very serious warning for your body, it is telling you that the pancreas is starting to fail or the insulin is no longer working to remove the poison high glucose. What does Pre diabetes mean? It is a serious warning to reverse the illness. Have a great day and remove the excess blood sugar.  

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