Low calories diet and still fat

Dieting with low calories and still fat: This is the situation many people find themselves in and there is good reason, obesity is caused by insulin resistance not just calories. The difference between calories and insulin resistance is night and day. We have been sold a lie by the food makers, the low cal phenomena has lead to the largest increase in weight in Western History. Low calories and still fat is the condition many people find themselves in.

Insulin resistance and why you cannot lose wight

We have become a Nation of insulin resistance people, we have weak insulin and too much glucose in our bloodstream, this is why belly fat does not go away.

Glucose is normally a good thing, it give you energy and it does your cells good. When all is well glucose is running the show quite well, when there is too much glucose “Insulin comes in and removes the excess glucose.

It is a great relationship a power house of Glucose that leaves when insulin says the fun is over.

What went wrong?   We have become a nation of people who have a run a way glucose that does not listen to insulin anymore. The cells of the people have become insulin resistant and this causes diabetes and obesity, we have excess glucose in our bloodstream and we cannot lose weight. Low calories and still fat is what your results will be if you concentration only on a calorie. All calories are not equal, this is something that most people never understand. Just because it is low cal does not mean that it is healthy. In fact, many low cal foods are far from healthy. The food makers have pulled off a billion dollar con game that concentrates on low calories as we stay fat. Reverse your insulin resistance cells and the weight melts off.

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