French researchers now confirm Spirit Happy Diet is right about diet soda

The Spirit Happy diet site received a lot of backlash 4 years ago when we showed that diet soda actually causes weight gain not weight loss. The Diet soda makers fought the story and now a new study from France which was published in the New York Daily News today concludes that diet soda indeed does cause weight gain and doubles the risk of diabetes. We at Spirit Happy diet reported on chemicals in diet soda many years ago

Why you are not losing weight

The reason you are not losing weight while dieting is due to the food chemicals that have been allowed by the FDA. We have feed ourselves and our children dangerous poisons and the obesity rates prove it. The diet soda makers have profited over 1 billion dollars each year for over 25 years and the poison fluid is still popularly consumed by over 200 million people world wide. A diet soda has never caused weight loss and it simply cannot cause weight loss. Sadly people think they are making a healthy choice when they order a diet soda. Each can contains a dangerous chemical called aspartame, this chemical causes headaches, body ache and is also addictive.

Aspartame and weight gain

Diet soda chemicals actually cause the cells of the body to change, the body will hold fat mainly around the waist, it also changes healthy cells to cancerous cells over time. We reported on this in studies just about 4 years ago. Today the New York Daily News reported on the weight gain from diet soda

Diet sodas raise risk of type 2 diabetes MORE than those sweetened with real sugar: study

Surprising research from France found that diabetes risk increased by about a third for women who drank diet sodas, as compared to regular soda and fruit juice drinkers.

The researchers quote below

"Contrary to conventional thinking, the risk of diabetes is higher with 'light' beverages compared with 'regular' sweetened drinks," the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) said.

"We cannot rule out that factors other than ASB (artificially sweetened beverages)... are responsible for the association with diabetes."

The reason you cannot lose weight is due to insulin resistance from the garbage food today, we all have been poisoned, this is why diets fail and you do not lose weight. It is almost impossible to lose and keep weight off for good today because of food chemicals that are in almost everything you eat. This is why we have children with adult diabetes. We are a Nation of insulin resistance people, insulin resistance cells make you fat!

What we have done for over 4 years is to spread the word about the lying food industry which has caused the obesity and diabetes crisis. We have exposed the diabetes drug makers who make billions while curing no one. Do not rely on the Food and Drug Administration to protect you...they will not.

Spirit Happy insulin resistance diet has been used in over 18 countries for ALL people to lose weight, created for diabetics researchers showed that ALL people lose weight on the diet because it reversed the damage of food chemicals and reversed insulin resistance. We have shown this now in 18 countries. Today's New York Daily News says researchers were “Shocked” about diet soda. The would not have been “shocked” had they read Spirit Happy website over the last 4 years.

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