What can a diabetes diet do to stop breast cancer? a lot

When the Spirit Happy diabetes diet became popular in Europe 4 years ago we showed that almost every major illness from dementia to heart disease is related to blood sugar. A diabetic diet can reverse much of the health ills in the western world because it heals the body of the dangerous food chemicals that produce illness. Breast Cancer is the latest illness shown to be directly related to insulin resistance.

Breast cancer and the relationship to blood sugar

Last year researchers at the University of Toronto showed how insulin resistance is directly connected to breast cancer, they concluded that insulin resistance increases the risk of breast cancer. . What is important to note is that a person does not have to have diabetes or high blood sugar to have an insulin resistance. You may be completely clear of diabetes and still have insulin resistant cells that can cause breast cancer.

What is insulin resistance? Glucose(sugar) is needed to energize your cells, without glucose you could do basically nothing as you would have no energy. Glucose circulates in your bloodstream and when levels get too high the body releases insulin to remove the excess glucose.

What about when cells stop responding to insulin?

Insulin resistance cells will not respond to insulin, the glucose stays in the bloodstream. When glucose levels stay high this causes diabetes and many other very serious health problems. This is why we have a diabetic and obesity crisis, we have cells that will no longer respond to insulin. In the USA, Canada  UK, and much of Australia  we have become a people who cannot remove the excess glucose from the bloodstream. The body is forced to release excess insulin in an attempt to remove the glucose. When a flood of insulin fails to remove the glucose you get diabetes, obesity and many other health problems. We are a Nation of people who simply cannot remove glucose from our bodies and we are in trouble.

Elevated glucose is horrible but the situation gets worst, the excess insulin levels( from trying to remove glucose) in the blood appear to raise the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, according to researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Their findings are published in the online version of the International Journal of Cancer.

Every woman over 40 should be on an insulin resistance diet, the diabetes crisis in in full effect as children are for the first time experiencing the adult form of diabetes. We have a crisis of obese children living with insulin resistant cells. Food chemicals are at the root cause of the rise diabetes,obesity and breast cancer rates. Food chemicals are at the root cause of insulin resistance. The FDA has a food supply filled with dangerous chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup. Protect yourselves.


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