The drugging of the children as diabetes drug makers target kids

With the incredible rise in childhood diabetes and obesity the drug makers are profiting a comfortable 15 billion a year but now they have set their sights on the child as well. The plan is to get an overweight child on the drugs as quickly as possible, this will increase their profits by another 2 billion dollars a year. Diabetes is the most damaging illness in the world today, there is no other disease in the world that is effecting so many different people in so many different countries.

Giving the dangerous diabetes drugs to children

Spirit Happy is the number one site on the internet that exposes the lies of the diabetes drug makers. Diabetes drugs are not safe, they all ruin the heart muscle. Diabetic drugs destroy the heart valve which over time can lead to heart attack and stroke, we have seen this with the drug Avandia ( heart attacks and death) Actos ( heart attacks and cancer), many believe that Metformin is a safe high blood sugar drug and this is simply not true. Just because a drug is described as a safer alternative does not mean that it is safe.  Metformin causes the cells of the body to lose valuable vitamin b12, this is dangerous for a diabetic who desperately needs the proper balance of this B vitamin for proper cell function.

There is a dangerous trend developing in regards to diabetic medications, with increasing numbers of children  now effected with the adult form of diabetes the drug companies are suggesting starting the children on the adult drugs early. There are new Pediatrics guidelines to treat children because we are seeing the horrible rise of an adult illness( type 2) in children, this is led by Big Pharma. The medical established defended the move to put children on the drugs because doctors could not handle all the new cases of children with adult diabetes.

The guidelines, then, are intended to help primary care physicians who find themselves "unequipped to treat adult diseases encountered in children," according to the authors of the technical report that accompanies the guidelines, led by epidemiologist and neonatologist Dr. Shelley C. Springer of Big Lake, Minn. (Pediatrics 2013 Jan. 28)

How come these doctors are not aware that Type 2 diabetes is reversible? 

The doctors are finding it difficult to treat the adult form of diabetes in children, the use of adult drugs are in the new guidelines and is is a scary sign of a growing crisis in the children. The crisis in diabetes is now effecting children as young as 10 year old, every child even those without diabetes should be on a diabetic diet. We showed in Europe in 2010 that everyone should be on a diabetic diet to protect themselves from the growing obesity and diabetic crisis, why  start your children on these very dangerous drugs.  What will the drugs do to a growing child when these pills are causing heart problems in adult? As the crisis gets worst the drug-makers are  drooling over making another billion dollars off our children, protect yourself from diabetes and the drug-makers drugs. 

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